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The Lies And Deceit of the Biased,Left Wing Destroy Trump Media!!!


Everybody’s shouting which side are you on”-Bob Dylan-Gates of Eden-1968.

During the mid 60’s to mid 80’s I had quite a career in what was then true journalism. I was taught to be objective and always get both sides of a story. To be biased was akin to committing a great crime and you were chastised by an editor for being so. My, how times have changed. Today’s media is so biased, so one sided and leftist that they are turning communistic like the Russian paper Pravda with just propaganda.  ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and most newspapers are all in that category. The only one who is fairly objective is FOX News today. FOX shows you things the rest of the media does not want you to see or censors from you, but who knows how long that will last now that the liberal Murdoch brothers and their liberal wives are in charge.  Now with Trump as president they are all enraged that their candidate Hillary lost and can’t accept that fact and have become completely unhinged everywhere. College students riot if anyone who does not subscribe to their leftist way of thinking dares speak at their college. There was a time when colleges would have speakers from both sides speak without incident. Not today though.

Recently economist and former Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein told CNN’s Ana Cabera on Sunday that he found Hasan Minhaj’s jokes against President Trump at the White House Correspondents’ dinner to be “sickening.”

Minhaj, a correspondent for The Daily Show on Comedy Central, called Trump the “liar-in-chief,” and joked Russian President Vladimir Putin was the true leader of the U.S.

Stein didn’t find humor in Minhaj’s routine.

“I thought what Mr. Minhaj said was sickening. Frankly, I felt like vomiting, and I couldn’t watch it for very long,” Stein said.

The CNN host was shocked to hear Stein’s reaction and asked him to elaborate.

“I think it’s stunning to belittle and attack and mock a President at such a base and villainous level, and to describe him as a Soviet agent and ‘liar-in-chief,’ especially to the media,” he responded.

The former Nixon speechwriter found it ironic that the media, “a sharp instrument of the left” that “Trump has managed to turn on its head,” took Saturday night off to laugh at the president.

“They’re laughing — they should be laughing at themselves, not laughing at him,” Stein said.

The CNN host interjected in defense of the media. “You know, our job as journalists is to hold their feet to the fire, to hold government — elected officials accountable. And, of course, Presidents and people in power don’t always like that,” Cabera said.

But Stein said the media’s treatment of Trump has been unprecedented.

“So I’m not a huge fan of his, but the level of attack on him by the media has been so vicious, I’ve never seen anything like it. And every day’s newspaper has got more stories attacking him, attacking him, attacking him,” he said.

“They just don’t give the guy a break.” Ben Stein Rails Against Media’s ‘Vicious’ Treatment Of Trump

Ben is exactly right and to Cabera I say that your job is to report the news as it  happens  to inform everyone.  As far as holding the president accountable and his feet to the fire, where were all the media folks holding Obama accountable as he set out to destroy America. They were too busy having orgasm after orgasm over him and they still are.

One of the biggest purveyors of lies and deceit against Trump is the Huffington Post. They had an article the other day on Trump’s first 100 days and gave him very low marks.  If they were fair and balanced they would note all the incredible positive things he has accomplished in 100 days more than Obama did in eight years, but they don’t  because it doesn’t fit in with their left wing agenda.

First they said he failed to turn over his tax returns. What’s the big deal with that anyway? I could care less about his tax returns. I just want someone to clean up Obama’s mess and put our country back in order again. Trump said he is under audit and would release them when the audit is over. His tax returns are not like the average American with just a few pages. His returns are at least 300 pages. Do you want to go thru a lot of legalese mumbo jumbo only a tax lawyer can understand to read through all of that? Like I said I could care less about his taxes.

Secondly they said he failed to repeal and replace Obamcare. That was not his fault  that was the RINOS in his administration that don’t want to touch it. Besides it took Obama 17 months to get his plan passed. Trump has only been in four months. He has another vote this week.

Third they said he failed to get the wall built and Mexico said they won’t pay for it. That is ridiculous. The wall will take years to build and there are architects   submitting plans for it now. Mexico will pay for it when Trump taxes their imports. He said we may have to fund it ourselves at first, but Mexico will reimburse us through his import tax. Do some research Huffington Post.

April 29, 2017 marked President Trump’s 100th day as our President. The media wants the country and the world to think Trump has been a failure during this time, but NOTHING could be further from the TRUTH! Here is a list of Trump’s accomplishments in 100 days that most people give him A’s and B’s for:

  1. Illegal immigration is DOWN  67%!
  2. Allied spending is UP $10 billion!
  3. Trump’s nominee, Conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch, was sworn in as Supreme Court Justice!
  4. In just ONE month since he’s been president, 298,000 NEW JOBS were added! It is up to 500,000 now.
  5. President Trump has had successful, important meetings with many foreign leaders, including the Chinese President and Japan’s Prime Minister, and more!
  6. The U.S. Stock Market has had multiple record highs since Trump’s inauguration!
  7. U.S. debt has decreased by $100 billion!
  8. Housing sales are RED HOT!
  9. President Trump has signed MANY executive orders, to get his, and OUR, goals met.  See the complete list of Presidential actions at WhiteHouse.gov.
  10. President Trump is leading the march in standing up to Kim Jung-Un of N. Korea and to chemical weapons attacks in Syria.

11.President Trump has made Americans aware (those of us that are paying attention, anyway), that the mainstream media has been selling LIES and FAKE NEWS for too long!   He has cancelled the TPP partnership that would have sent jobs overseas and now more companies like Ford, Chrysler, Intel and others are building and hiring here instead of overseas. He also has cancelled many of Obama’s regulations that were hindering companies from hiring. SPREAD THE WORD! The Media Is Hiding These 11 Unbelievable Things Trump Did In

Recently Shepard Smith on FOX chastised Trump for treating them like children and calling most news stations fake news. Trump is right Shep. You do act like children stamping your feet to get your way all because you are so po’ed that your gal Hillary didn’t get in. It shows. There is a saying that says ‘if we could see ourselves as others see us

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Jim Clayton

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