FBI misses deadline to deliver Comey’s memos

larger-15-FBI-Director-JamesComey-1The FBI missed a deadline for handing over fired FBI Director James Comey‘s documents concerning President Donald Trump.

The special counsel investigation has caused the agency, filled with lawyers, to require more time to “consult” on the matter, according to a letter from the FBI’s Office of Congressional Affairs sent yesterday.

“In light of this development and other considerations, we are undertaking appropriate consultation to ensure all relevant interests implicated by your request are properly evaluated,” the letter read. “We will update this response as soon as possible.”

The FBI’s excuse letter came one day after the documents were due to be handed over to the House Oversight Committee headed by Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).

In a response, Chaffetz reaffirmed his request for the FBI to provide documents that should be outside the scope of the special counsel’s investigation.

“I am seeking to better understand Comey’s communications with the White House and attorney general in such a way that does not implicate the special counsel’s work,” said Chaffetz. “Congress and the American public have a right and a duty to examine this issue independently of the special counsel’s investigation. I trust and hope you understand this and make the right decision — to produce these documents to the committee immediately and on a voluntary basis.”

The existence of the memos is in question. The contents of one alleged memo were leaked to the media in an irregular manner. The memo wasn’t delivered to the press so that it could be verified. Instead, an FBI agent supposedly read a section to the New York Times over the phone. In that memo, the president supposedly told Comey,”I hope you can let this go” in reference to the Michael Flynn investigation.

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