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Grassley Flags ‘Apparent Contradictions’ In Comey’s Testimony About Michael Flynn

James Comey testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee 05-03-17

  by Chuck Ross The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is trying to get to the bottom of “apparent contradictions” in former FBI Director James Comey’s claims about former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Comey told a Senate Judiciary panel in a March 15, 2017 interview that the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn did not believe he intentionally lied ...

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ABC News Suspends Brian Ross after fake news story on Trump

ABC has suspended Brian Ross after he falsely reported that then-candidate Donald Trump instructed Michael Flynn to contact Russian government officials before the election. Ross, citing anonymous sources, claimed that Flynn agreed to testify that before the election Trump told him to contact Russian officials. His “source” had actually told him that the order came only after Trump had won ...

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Reports: Either Kushner or K.T. McFarland directed Flynn’s contact with Russians

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

Circa journalist Sara Carter reported Friday that former Trump advisor Michael Flynn was asked by the president’s son-in-law to contact Russia, but Fox News’ John Roberts says that his sources named U.S. Ambassador K.T. McFarland as the person who directed Flynn to contact Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. “Told by a source with direct knowledge the very ‘Senior official’ in administration ...

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Report: President Trump Asked FBI to Drop Flynn Investigation


President Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to drop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn, the New York Times reported Tuesday. A memo by Comey said that he was asked by the president to “let this go” in reference to the Flynn investigation. The conversation allegedly took place in the Oval Office in February. “I hope you can ...

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Obama Warned Trump About Flynn, Huh?

The liberal press is all a-twitter about the allegation that our glorious and wise President Obama warned the new guy in town, Donald Trump, against retaining General Flynn on his presidential staff, and then, after Obama was seemingly proven right, Flynn was fired by Trump. The impression given is that Obama tried to steer Trump right but Trump wouldn’t accept ...

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Former Obama Appointee to Testify Monday on Russia and Flynn

Sally Yates-1

Sally Yates will testify Monday in front of a Senate committee. The former Obama deputy attorney general will be grilled on her understanding of Russian interference in the 2016 election and her knowledge of Michael Flynn’s interactions with Russian officials. Yates and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper will both testify in Monday’s hearing. WATCH: Sally Yates testifies before Senate ...

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While mass media’s smoke machine covers for Susan Rice, remember one thing

Susan Rice doesn't know about unmasking

The mainstream media has spent the last 24 hours either outright ignoring or putting up a defense against allegations that Susan Rice purposefully collected, unmasked and disseminated intelligence on Trump team members. CNN’s Don Lemon just refused to cover the story citing the left-leaning Washington Post for proof of a right-wing conspiracy. The Washington Post ran a story about a ...

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Fake News? House Intel Committee: Michael Flynn has NOT offered to testify in exchange for immunity

U.S. Capitol Building

This story was originally published 3/30/17 at 9:04 pm A House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence spokesperson has refuted media reports that General Michael Flynn has offered to testify in exchange for immunity. News outlets, including this one, reported Thursday that Flynn had offered to testify based on information in a Wall Street Journal report. CDN asked the House Intelligence ...

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Report: Michael Flynn to testify in exchange for immunity

Michael Flynn

Editor’s Note: This story is now in dispute as the House Intelligence Committee spokesman has responded to our request for comment saying that the Wall Street Journal  story “is incorrect.” President Trump’s former national security adviser General Michael Flynn has, according to The Wall Street Journal, told the F.B.I. that he is willing to testify to the bureau and a congressional ...

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House Intel Chief: ‘Inappropriate’ and ‘Wrong’ Surveillance of Trump and Associates

Devin Nunes trump was tapped

Representative Devin Nunes requested a meeting Wednesday with President Trump to brief the commander-in-chief on the “inappropriate” collection of Trump and his team’s communications by the intelligence community. Nunes seemed most troubled by the unmasking of names of U.S. persons that were caught up in the incidental collection and the ‘widespread’ dissemination their identities and activities. “Details about U.S. persons associated with ...

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The REAL Russian Connection

Russia and Iran

One of the hot topics in the news – especially the liberal elite media – has been the dust up about the “Russian connection” between former NSA Director Flynn, Russia and perhaps President Trump. In a news conference Friday, President Trump blasted the media about this and rightly directed them to the real danger of leaks within the intelligence community. He ...

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The Left’s First Political Assassination of a Trump Official

Michael Flynn

We saw the first political assassination of a Trump administration official this past week. Gratefully, it was only “political,” but it was an assassination, nonetheless, as intelligence insiders leaked content of calls between the new National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn, and the Russian Ambassador. The media fanned the flames forcing the resignation of Flynn, thereby revealing the left’s modus operandi ...

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Use of Anonymous Sources Will Kill the Mainstream Media


The New York Times and Washington Post continually cite anonymous sources when going after the President and his cabinet – a move that will ultimately lead to their demise. During the Mike Flynn non-scandal over his forgetting what he may or may not have discussed with somebody in Russia, the Washington Post cited NINE anonymous sources saying that he did ...

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The Real Reason Democrats Are Celebrating Michael Flynn’s Demise

Pres. Trump’s National Security Advisor, former Gen. Michael Flynn, was moved to resign because he engaged in unethical communications with a Russian official as a private citizen. This is an apparent violation of the Logan Act of 1799, meant to keep private citizens from gumming up international relations between the US and other countries. It is reported that Flynn deceived ...

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