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There The Democrats Go Again; Now It’s Wealth Envy

Having worn out their old complaints that President Trump is a racist and a sexist, Democrats, led by Chuck Schumer, are moving on. Now they have taken up the banner of wealth envy by loudly and misleadingly expressing their negative opinion on tax reform as proposed by President Trump.

Unlike the Democrat’s favorite divisive subjects of race and sex, which are relatively fixed and stable, wealth is relative. One person’s subsistence income is another person’s wealth. During Bill Clinton’s presidency he and Al Gore developed the notion that an income of $50,000 a year was great wealth because, as they explained in their leftist logic, in 20 years the person earning $50,000 annually will have made a million dollars, thereby making that person rich, and their socialistic conclusion was that now this rich person could withstand higher taxes on this excessive level of income.

But now, slimy Chuck Schumer is predictably complaining about people who own small businesses and to whom President Trump wants to give some tax relief, along with everyone else in the nation who earns an income. But of course, in Schumer‘s opinion, “the rich”, are getting a tax break with Trump’s tax reductions while the middle class gets nothing. Go figure.

Speaking of wealth, most Americans would give anything to get the salary that wealthy Democrats like Chuck Schumer get, and owners of small businesses would like the benefit that Chuck Schumer gets from not only being given a six-figure salary each year while producing nothing, but also being provided, by the government and at taxpayer expense, with the money to pay his Senate staff and being granted free, luxurious office space. And all of this luxury Schumer enjoys is not burdened with the necessity of doing a better job, making a better product or competing in the marketplace each day, with the knowledge that he would go broke if his widgets weren’t better and cheaper than his competitors’.

Every American should have their taxes reduced significantly, and we should all support Trump’s tax reduction proposal. But the one entity that should get less money and should have to suffer by doing with less, is the government, which spends and wastes vast sums of money each year with nothing to show for it except the influence these expenditures gain politicians like Chuck Schumer with lobbyists and elite voters in his/her home district, thereby getting them re-elected so they can spend and waste more money next year.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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