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Democrats Are Admitted Bottom Seekers

The liberal press is obsessed with bottoms, as in getting to the “bottom” of things – as long as the bottom of this search is a Republican rear end. And the latest such Democrat endeavor to “get to the bottom“ of something was the lie of Russian collaboration associated with Donald Trump, for which there is no real or alleged fact or act to even begin a search for a bottom. This is a purely made-up event being pushed for the benefit of leftist Democrats and their close friends in the leftist press.

Did leftist journalists “get to the bottom” of the Fast and Furious thing that led to the deaths of numerous people? No! They lost interest in this subject as soon as Barack Obama was implicated. Did they “get to the bottom” of the IRS scandal? No! Again, their lord and savior, Barack Obama, was intimately involved in this matter and they dropped it like a sack of hot bottoms, even though unconstitutional and illegal acts of a strictly partisan political nature were intentionally performed.

And how about the absolutely illegal monitoring the Obama administration did of his political Republican opponents during the last election season? This is the kind of Uber Chief criminal behavior we associate with leftist, third world regimes, but the press shows no interest in “getting to the bottom” of this issue.

But if Donald Trump is in the least bit suggested to have been part of a questionable issue, the savage liberal press gang up on him and insist that they must “get to the bottom” of this matter, and it’s most odd that all reporters on these subjects use the same terms regardless of the paper or network they work for, so we need to get to the bottom of this group-speak method of joining forces and collaborating when reporting news about Trump. The similarity of words used by various liberal press reporters when describing their suspicions about any of the partisan issues they are pushing suggest that some RICO violations may be existent in their projects. And if criminal acts on the part of leftist reporters is reflected by the RICO reference, then so be it.

The opinion of the most informed and independent people with knowledge of the Russia collaboration thing is that there is no bottom to the Russia affair to be reached, and the whole thing is another political attack on Trump trying to injure him as he undoes the damage that Barack Obama did to our nation.

Or possibly the lying, fake press is just a bunch of bottom dwellers, and we know who they are.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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