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Unable to raise money on policy, Democrats use Trump to rake in cash

Democrats are struggling to put forward a policy platform that excites their far-left base without alienating moderates so they’ve turned to outrage politics and a shift further away from the middle as their 2018 fundraising strategy.

The DNC is using alleged Trump-Russia collusion, Trump’s taxes and general anti-Trump sentiment to fuel their bid to take back the House of Representatives and the Senate in 2018. Turning the electorate away from Trump will be difficult without compelling economic, foreign or domestic policy that benefits working families, but it could be an effective fundraising tactic.

In 2016, Green Party candidate Jill Stein raised millions of dollars from supporters by only pledging to demand recounts in three states. A ploy that was doomed to failure from the beginning, but brought in a motherlode of financing for future party campaigns. On the left, winning comes second to fundraising.

The party that holds the White House has historically lost seats in the mid-term elections and democrats are making sure that voters know the difference between the president’s ideas and their own.

Democrats launched a nationwide “Come Together and Fight Back” tour in Portland, Maine on Monday headlined by socialist senator Bernie Sanders – a clear shift further left that could alienate the state’s independent voters and presents a clear contrast to Donald Trump. The event has sold out, but the State Theater in which it is being held has a maximum capacity of 1,680 people.

Hollywood actor Samuel Jackson recorded a GOTV ad telling listeners to “vote for democrats” without naming a single Democrat party principle as a reason. The whole ad comes off as an anti-Trump rant which is seemingly the whole of the DNC strategy for 2018.

“Remember what happened the last time people stayed home: We got stuck with Trump,” Jackson exclaimed.

The ‘Tax Day’ protests demanding to see President Trump’s taxes were largely a Democratic party fundraiser using the same blueprint as Jackson’s anti-Trump bombast: resist Trump blindly and completely. The ‘resist’ message works well in urban population centers that are the major source of funding for democrats but falls flat with working families in suburban and rural communities.

Weekly organized protests in New York City, Hollywood elite telling the country how to vote and a 10-day nationwide tour headlined by a socialist indicate that the DNC is shifting left and betting on the #resist movement to fill their war chest in hopes for wins in 2018.


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