Are Liars And Anti-American Politicians Who We Want In Office?

Can America afford to allow elected officials who lie when being sworn into national or local office to continue to serve in positions of importance and ensure our prosperity and national security?

Barack Obama swore to “protect and to defend” the constitution of the United States when he took the oath of office to be president, after which oath he immediately began efforts to “fundamentally transform America” and make America fit into his misguided idea of what it should be by ignoring immigration law and opening up our borders to all who would enter; he disobeyed the constitution by forcing Obamacare on an unwilling nation, arguing, in order to get the votes needed to pass this outrageous legislation, that Obamacare’s financing was not a tax but simply a fee paid by those who enjoyed the insurance coverage, and then changing the lie to calling the fee a tax in order to get the Supreme Court to approve the legislation and deem it constitutional. And forget the numerous lies Obama stated with such conviction about keeping your doctor, keeping your plan, and saving $2500 a year on healthcare coverage, “period“.

Similarly, liberal Democrat Mayors of sanctuary cities are in clear violation of the law by refusing to cooperate with the federal government on immigrant issues and enforcement of the law. These Mayors also swore to uphold the law, but they lied and they are, instead of obeying the law, committing crimes daily as they allow illegal aliens to avoid the federal government’s attempts to keep America safe from un-vetted people who entered this nation illegally.

And now we have federal judges blocking President Trump’s executive orders to ban travelers from entering America when they come from suspect nations harboring terrorists in their midst, and we have a judge also trying to block the President’s simple statement that he will withhold money from sanctuary cities, which he will do in accordance with written, established law. Both of these judicial actions by federal judges were issued expressing the judges’ personal opinions or quoting political rhetoric from President Trump’s presidential campaign, and were not issued and argued from a point of law, as judges are required to do and have always done.

So we live in a world where too many of our politicians and judges are liars who swear to be good citizens, public servants and elected officials and then turn on their word and abuse the laws of the land once they are safely in office. This sort of behavior leaves the nation in a state of lawlessness and threatens the public who just want a peaceful, enjoyable life and to be able to walk the streets without fear of people who should not be here, attacking them, as one such person attacked Kathryn Steinle in the sanctuary city of San Francisco. The shame of the current state of affairs is that Ms. Steinle got no “sanctuary”, but her killer did, under San Francisco’s liberal Democrat Mayor and his partner in crime, California’s Governor Moonbeam. We must keep this kind of person out of public office.

It’s an apparent fact that liberal politicians and judges want to change America to their own anti-American, socialistic, unconstitutional idea of government, patterned on Communism and Nazism, and in direct contradiction to the laws of this land. All voters must be on guard for this manner of politician and both weed them out, and vote them out of office.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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