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Coulter: U.C. Berkeley canceled my speech and conservative groups ‘joined the other team’

Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter has announced the cancellation of her controversial appearance at U.C. Berkeley.

“There will be no speech,” Coulter wrote on Wednesday in an email to the press. She pointing out that two conservative groups that had sponsored her visit had given in to Berkeley.

Berkeley’s Young America’s Foundation (YAF) had helped organize Coulter’s appearance but after the college pushed back, YAF engaged a lawyer to sue the school. That same group did an about-face on Wednesday telling their lawyer to stop the suit and pressured the college Republicans to give up the fight.

“I looked over my shoulder and my allies had joined the other team,” she wrote.

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One Comment

  1. While that ‘Berkeley Attitude” is totally unacceptable I cannot help but think that Ann Coulter is making out like a bandit from all the hoopla.
    How is it the these schools continue to get Federal Aid? Wasn’t this one of the ones that denied an ROTC or recruiter on campus a few years back. Since the Fed doesn’t mind funding anti-American behavior, I can only hope and pray that the Alumni still have a few that love this Nation and will pull their financial support out.

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