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Bannon out, Perry in at National Security Council

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon no longer has a seat on the National Security Council in a move the administration says is not a power struggle.

First reported by Bloomberg on Wednesday, a filing on Tuesday in the Federal Register added Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford back to the committee while Bannon’s name no longer appears as an attendee of the Principals Committee.

Likely due to his role managing the nation’s nuclear arsenal, Energy Secretary Rick Perry was added to the council.

The reorganization reportedly comes at the direction of H.R. McMaster as NSC Director who was given freedom to shape the group however he preferred.

Vice President Mike Pence told Fox News’ Martha McCallum that the move “was just a natural evolution” with McMasters at the helm.

The moves revert the council to a G.W. Bush era formula that is expected to be more streamlined.

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One Comment

  1. For the most part it, seems that all of the attention given these personnel changes is ‘much ado about nothing’. A common business practice is having a ‘grace’ or probationary period for new employees. WE are a huge business. Often ‘flexibility’ is critical to the success and staffing is definitely in the forefront. Bannon’s removal is not unexpected, nor does it lessen his stature in the Administration. He is still a trusted ‘soldier’ in the Presidential inner circle. I (understand) that his primary assignment was to monitor Gen.(Secy)Flynn….A GOOD leader knows where and how to best use the talents of personnel….so I hope not “too much” will be made of these changes.

    America is not just a ‘group think’ nation. There are more opinions and descriptions of “conservatives” than there are rasins in a box of cereal….and we float in a bowl with Democrats that are also (mostly) Americans….together it’s quite a force….If one action isn’t working, let’s give another a chance.

    Before there were political parties there were only Americans

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