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Two ways to watch tonight’s historic SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Live

SpaceX will, for the first time ever, launch a rocket Thursday night that has a first stage booster that Elon Musk’s commercial space company has successfully launched and landed previously.

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The Falcon 9 launch, SES-10, is scheduled for 6:27 pm eastern time from the Kennedy Space Center and SpaceX is providing both a technical and hosted stream.

SES-10 Technical Webcast

SES-10 Hosted Webcast

SES-10 is carrying a satellite for Luxembourg-based communications company SES who was given a discount for using the “flight proven” booster.

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The booster stage, last used in a launch last April to resupply the International Space Station, is expected to be recovered tonight and reused in future Falcon 9 launches.

Flights using reused first-stage boosters are estimated to cost 30% less than those with all-new components.

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