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Tucker: Should the government cut off Big Bird?

#Tucker Carlson debates proposed cuts to the NEA and PBS with Creative Coalition CEO Robin Bronk.

“The NEA gives grants to every congressional district in the United States,” Bronk exclaimed while insisting that for every dollar it grants, somehow $10 is returned to the economy.

Robin focuses her points around a straw man argument: If the government pulls taxpayer-funded subsidies, it will kill off the arts and PBS – nothing could be further from the truth.

Tucker correctly argues that billionaires, celebrities, and Americans that want to donate could easily supplant the $150 million that taxpayers are forced into shelling out each year for these two programs – a strategy that could be extended to many other federally-subsidized initiatives.

The same arguments will arise for every program that gets any amount of money from taxpayers.

Meals on Wheels gets less than 5% of its total funding from taxpayers and liberals are saying that Trump wants to kill the program. No, the president just wants states, cities, and individuals who value the program to pay for it. The U.S. government is broke and can’t afford them anymore.

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