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Shaun White Stomps a MENTAL 1st Place Halfpipe Run | Burton US Open 2017

Actions speak louder than words at the Burton US Open, and in silent answer to the legions of haters and critics, Shaun White absolutely sent it in the Halfpipe at the Burton US Open. Starting on his first hit with one of the biggest airs of all time, “El Blanco” delivered a run that proved he’s as good as ever. Which means he’s still better than anyone else. With a massive score of 95.62 under his belt, Shaun spent the rest of the contest way out in front – just how he likes it – and the race was on for second and third.

Final Results for Halfpipe at the 2017 Burton US Open

1. Shaun White (USA), 92.74
2. Scotty James (AUS), 82.87
3. Chase Josey (USA), 79.87
4. Iouri Podlatchikov (SUI), 78.24
5. Raibu Katayama (JPN), 77.75
6. Danny Davis (USA), 59.50
7. Ayumu Hirano (JPN), 51.00
8. Pat Burgener (SUI), 46.87
9. David Habluetzel (SUI), 44.87
10. Jake Pates (USA), 38.62

Hanna Heller

Hanna is the entertainment and lifestyle editor for CDN. Fan of great movies, legendary music, outdoor activities and cool stuff in general, her opinions, as expressed in her articles, are her own and not necessarily shared by anyone .. anywhere .. ever. Follow Hanna on Twitter: @Hanna_CDN

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  1. could be…..don’t recall it was so “constructed”, nor the tow….The guy is amazing!!! Do you ‘indulge’ in this hair raising sport-tacluar ? Me? haven’t gotten near even skates in at least 50 years!! just live vicariously these days. Seems bones don’t heal fast at 78…

    1. I’ve tried snowboarding a few times, but I’m not very good at it. I prefer skiing and do ok for the limited number of times I’ve been.

  2. He leaves no doubt of what a CHAMPION is !! I hold my breath every time I see him “do his thing”. If they get any ‘bigger’ or longer I’ll probably turn blue….Thanks, Hanna, I didn’t see this live

    1. Thanks Jan! I’m glad someone else likes Shaun’s work. I posted this halfway expecting no one would watch it.

      1. It’s been several years, but there was a feature during Olympics that showed him taking a helicopter to his secret private ‘spot’ in mountains and he dropped from the chopper on his board !!!!! and sailed down the slopes..pure spectacular…..I’m many decades old but still…….

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