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Injured Middlebury Professor Blames Anti-Free Speech Attack on … Trump

The Middlebury professor who was injured by college students angry about the conservative speaker she was protecting is blaming the violence on … President Trump.

Ms. Allison Stanger, the professor who incurred an injured neck and concussion trying to escort American Enterprise Institute’s Charles Murray to safety, attempts to make the case that because Trump said things that elicit non-violent action from the right, it also elicits violent action from the left.

Throughout an ugly campaign and into his presidency, President Trump has demonized Muslims as terrorists and dehumanized many groups of marginalized people. He declared the free press an enemy of the people, replaced deliberation with tweeting, and seems bent on dismantling the separation of powers and 230 years of progress this country has made toward a more perfect union. Much of the free speech he has inspired — or has refused to disavow — is ugly, and has already had ugly real-world consequences. College students have seen this, and have taken note: Speech can become action.

Her injuries came as a result of the same kind of apologist nonsense she now spouts. By making excuses for the outrage snowflake culture, she encourages that which she claims to despise.

Someone pulled my hair, while others were shoving me. I feared for my life. Once we got into the car, protesters climbed on it, hitting the windows and rocking the vehicle whenever we stopped to avoid harming them. I am still wearing a neck brace, and spent a week in a dark room to recover from a concussion caused by the whiplash.

Stanger makes the case that leftist anger and intolerance of others’ ideas only exists because of Trump’s tweeting and commentary. That’s wholly untrue or these stories are…

There’s also Cindy Shehan’s Code Pink, the entirety of the hi-tech left coast’s continual outrage, the ACLU’s whiny attacks and black lives matter.

Everything listed came well before Donald Trump became a presidential candidate. Then again, intellectual honesty is not a tool of the left – never has been and never will be.

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