Trump Check: Why Do We Allow Defeated Democrats To Set The Agenda?

So now, in order to deflect attention from the Clinton Email scandals and the IRS scandals of Obama, and to take popular attention away from President Trump’s tax reduction and the planned dismemberment of Obamacare by the congressional Republicans, the lying press has effectively hung General Flynn for supposed illegal activity, and they’re attempting to take President Trump down with him.

As usual, Republican Senators immediately joined the leftist chorus and began to threaten President Trump with all sorts of investigations for his imagined pro-Russian tendencies. Why can’t Republicans instead try to deflect the radical left criticism and defend their own party members as the Democrats do? Are Republicans so naive that they think that Democrats want only fairness and truth? Democrats want only to defeat President Trump, who has been cleaning their clock the last two weeks.

But Republicans seem to only be interested in making the Democrats successful in reversing the election that gave the Republicans the White House, along with the House and Senate, and they should know that if the Democrats come out on top of any battle, they are only interested in furthering Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”, which means the destruction of America.

Republicans should be constantly on the offensive against Democrats, because if liberals are given time to lick their political wounds and get back on their feet, they’ll take us back to the days of Obama and the destruction that reversal would bring with it. Republicans will never gain favor with the press nor the Democrat establishment, all they can hope for is to bury Democrats politically and keep them out of office.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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