Radical Democrats Allow Their Crazy Behavior To Limit Their Political Future

One thing that Democrats should have learned from their shellacking last November was that fire-bombing the Republican candidate’s campaign office will cause the bombor, not the bombee, a political loss. Also learned, but apparently soon forgotten, was that hiring union thugs and out of work criminals to threaten and beat Republican supporters will also not gain you any favor with voters. But in spite of all the learned lessons, Democrats continue to make the same lame, politically damaging mistakes.

Mature people learn how to control their emotions and keep themselves under control, but here go the leftist crazies burning the campus of U.C. Berkeley, lying about members of President Trump’s staff and cabinet, childishly dragging their feet on the President’s nominations, blocking his promised and necessary orders to keep terrorists out of America, and embarrassingly calling the President names and insulting his intelligence and character.

Hillary Clinton lost the last election because of all of the above, plus her intention to continue the unconstitutional practices that Barrack Obama had put in place. Americans are sick of the leftist politics as usual, accompanied by the fascist burning and destroying, and they want people in government to be adults and not wage personal or physical attacks on their opponents. But Democrats seem to not be able to comprehend these things, because all they’ve done since Donald Trump took office is attack, attack, attack.

As one sees the Democrat Party marching toward self-imposed destruction and fading off into the trash-heap of history, Americans bid it a fond, much-deserved, farewell.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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