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Muslim Hijab is The New Fashion Statement!!!


Muslim leaders say they intend to take over the west including the U.S. from within and they are on their way to doing it. First letting in millions of Muslims from Muslim countries here and in European countries like  Germany, Norway and Sweden, countries you   would never think of as Islamic and now introducing Muslim fashions  in the U.S. Slowly but surely they are drawing their plans against us. Islam is not the peaceful religion they say it is. It is a rigid, political ideology involving conversion and obedience to it. It is only peaceful if you are in it and abide by all the rules which includes the subjugation of women hence the wearing of the hijab. The Koran says to become friends with the unbeliever and then get them to convert. Islam does not assimilate and is totally incompatible with Western civilization so they use the country they are in against itself  by promoting fashions like this latest trend.

In just two seasons, Indonesian Muslim designer Anniesa Hasibuan has made the hijab her trademark — and dazzled New York fashion week’s catwalk this week by styling it with flowing, iridescent gowns fit for a princess.

Like in her New York show last fall — which cemented her status as a rising star — all of the models who showcased Hasibuan’s autumn/winter 2017 collection sported lustrous gray hijabs that sculpted the facial features while carefully covering the hair.

Other than the hijab, the traditional head and neck covering many Muslim women wear, the 30-year-old designer’s clothes evoked nothing of the “modest Muslim” style that sometimes stirs controversy and exacerbates anti-Muslim sentiment in western countries.

On the contrary, Hasibuan’s collection features shimmering, on-trend pleats, silver and golden ruffles, and long trains adorned with pearls, glitter or embroidery that recalled royalty of the Middle Ages.  Hijabs flood fashion week…

Here are some interesting comments that sum up my thoughts   exactly.

This garb celebrates the subjugation of women – and the left eats it up. Those morons have their minds so open their brains have fallen out.

Keep it up, leftist appeasers! No matter how forgiving, welcoming or nice you are, these people will not treat you the same way. Fashion designers will be among the first to go when the caliphate takes over Europe. Leftists are truly useful idiots!

America, you country is disintegrating from within.

The left will eat this up to demonstrate their tolerance. Once Sharia gains a foothold and the novelty of tolerance wears off, they’ll stand there with their mouths open, just like the progs who were for ObamaCare — until they found out they were the ones to pay for it.

Is this what Western women want? Subjugation? This is what “liberals” are promoting and “feminists” support? The liberal agenda is nothing but a lie.


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Jim Clayton

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