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President and First Lady to Host Governors Ball; Will Not Watch Oscars

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked on Wednesday whether or not the President would be watching the Oscars on Sunday night.

“I’ve got to be honest with you, I think the president will be hosting the Governors Ball that night, Mrs. Trump looks forward to putting on a phenomenal event and the first lady’s put a lot of time into this event that’s going to occur and welcoming our nation’s governors to the capital,” he said. “I have a feeling that’s where the president and the first lady are going to be focused on Sunday night.”

WATCH: Opening Remarks of Governors’ Ball Hosted by President and Mrs. Trump

The Governors Ball is held at the White House during the annual National Governor’s Association winter meeting and by all accounts, the First Lady is very much looking forward to the event.

“I am proud to invite all the governors to the White House for this important annual event,” Melania said in a White House statement. “Tonight, we come together as one nation, leaving political labels and partisan interests behind.”

This year’s Oscars are likely to follow the trend with Hollywood awards shows where entertainment figures use their acceptance speeches to lash out against the President.

Asked why many actors and actresses have chosen to make political statements, Spicer answered: “I have no idea, it’s a free country.”

“I think Hollywood is known for being rather far to the left in its opinions.”

As the award shows increasingly become an echo chamber for the progressive extremist left, working families are increasingly turned off by the hateful and divisive rhetoric spewed by Hollywood elite.

While some in the media view it as the first family snubbing Hollywood, the ball often happens at the same time as the Oscars former Laura Bush chief of staff Anita McBride said in an interview.

“In recent years, this dinner is always at the same time as the Oscars,’ McBride told DailyMail.com. ‘It’s always this last Sunday, or this last week in February, where the National Governors Association meeting takes place.”

The opening remarks of the Governors Ball will be aired live on CDN and you can watch it HERE.

Update: 02-26-17 5:35pm: The Governors’ Ball will be live streamed you can watch it HERE.

Update: 02-2017 8pm: The White House only filmed the opening remarks and made the original video private. We update the available video with the new one. The post was updated to reflect the new information

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  1. I was hoping the ball would be aired live, but respect their privacy. We never watch the Oscars. No loss there.

  2. Sorry that the Governors Ball won’t be live streamed. I never watch the Oscars – I haven’t watched them for years.

  3. I’m sick and tired of all the actors and actress using the media to voice their opinions. I’m sure glad the public is seeing that they are a bunch of drunks and drug addicts that really know nothing about..just about everything!

  4. It is right the actors have free speech and can attack the President of their own Nation. I love the USA where democracy permits this. I also have the same right first to not watch the Oscars and to indicate those actors that uses the Oscars to express political opinions are completely wrong. In such a brief time they have to talk they should thank us who pay to watch their movies and made them millonaires.

    1. You are right, they have the right and I have the right to not listen or support these dumb ass liberals!

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