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Are We Facing Another 9/11?




Is History about to repeat itself? Prior to 9/11 we had plane  hijackings by Muslims, we had the Kobar Towers attack, the World Trade Center the first time and the USS Cole bombing then “BOOM”  9/11 happened and we lost 3-4000 people in one day from 19 hijackers. America woke up for a few years and seemed to be unified.

Now   America has gone back to sleep and a pre- 9/11 mentality has crept in. We had the attacks in San Bernadino, Ft. Hood, Chattanooga, Tenn., The Boston Marathon and the nightclub in Orlando. We are ready for the next big attack again thanks to the ninth circuit striking down Trump’s order and all these protestors saying to let everyone in unchecked. This time it may be you Ninth circuit and protestors. Terrorists don’t discriminate .It is all for Allah and Islam. Convert or die.

The problem is that these people from countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria and Yemen all shout “Death to America” and now Obama giving them 150 billion dollars and 1.7 million to release the hostages and saying they can still spin their centrifuges is laying the groundwork for another big attack. I think the media is hoping for another attack just so they have something big and sensational to write about. They should be careful what they wish for because the next attack could be them that are wiped out.

If there is another attack and it seems likely there will be one and lives are lost maybe thousands again then I hold these dems and protestors and judges who are voting against Trump’s vetting  from these countries as having blood on their hands since they are now gambling with the lives of the American  people. Maybe it will be family members of these families of senators like Schumer or Pelosi or these judges on the ninth circuit who will be killed by one of these terrorists then what will they say? It will be too late to do anything then as the damage would have been done. Remember these countries want to kill us. Some people from Iraq and Iran have said If you were in their country and wandered into the villages you’d be captured  tortured and beheaded which they have posted on the internet so why do you want people like that coming in here?

Iran wants to nuke us and so does North Korea. All Iran has to do is launch a nuclear missile from international waters and they can hit us in a major city like New York. North Korea is looking at California with their missiles..

Right now there are 1000 cases being investigated in all 50 states of ISIS members plotting against us and we are letting in thousands more and who knows what they have in mind. 4 months into FY2017, US admits 32,331 refugees, 206 since Trump order

Are these people protesting Trump’s order so naive that they think we’re protected? Think again people. Obama reduced our military to pre-ww 11 status and purged over a thousand military officers in all four branches. Do you think these terror countries don’t see that?

These are countries that hate us because we are not like them. They won’t be satisfied until Sharia law and Islam is worldwide and in charge. They are advancing fast in Europe and are advancing fast here too.

NO, no, no it can’t happen here you say, but it does. Remember it only takes one or two to take out thousands.

Muslim Demographics – YouTube  (Watch this video and see how fast and how far Muslims have taken over Europe. We’re next.)

https://usherald.com/long-list-vetted-refugees-caught-planning-terrorism-coming-u-s-shows-exactly-trump-securing-border-want-blow-upi/ See pictures and descriptions of these so called refugees who were vetted by Obama’s regime and since have been caught planning terrorism.

Mass RAPE in Cologne Germany : Refugees STILL Welcome! – YouTube


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Jim Clayton

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