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The Red Copper Pans: Infomercial Product Worth Buying?

If your kitchen cabinets and drawers are filling up with all sorts of pans, the Red Copper Square Pan 5-Peice set may just be the solution you’re looking for.

We received a Red Copper Square 5-peice set in December to start testing. After three weeks of twice daily use, we wanted to let you know if we think it lives up to the Red Copper hype or if it’s just another oversold gimmick.

First, if you haven’t seen the Red Copper infomercials, here are the basics:

So the claims are:

  • Non-stick
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy cleanup
  • Oven Safe
  • Even heating
  • Works on induction top stoves

What have we learned about the Red Copper Square Pan?:

  • Non-stick
    • As promised – surface is non-stick
  • Scratch resistant
    • Better than Teflon/other non-stick coatings, but can be scratched if you try. Normal use of metal utensils did not scratch the surface.
  • Easy cleanup
    • As promised
  • Oven Safe
    • The pan is over safe, but the glass lid is not (per customer service)
  • Even heating
    • Yes
  • Works on induction tops
    • Yes

In our space-challenged kitchen, my drawers were filled with different frying, sauteing, boiling, deep-frying and other pans – this one pan has replaced almost all of them.

Being able to deep fry just a few wings or fries in just the right amount of oil is awesome and the fry basket makes it easy. Our small fry daddy may never come out of the closet again!

We’ve steamed vegetables in this pan, cooked eggs, fried chicken, made lasagna, spaghetti, french toast, taco meat, and more. This pan does what 4 or 5 other pans used to do and it does it as well or better.

The high sides make browning ground beef and cooking bacon much less messy as there is virtually no splatter.

The only let down in the whole package was the cook book. The recipes really aren’t that amazing, but cookbooks I’ve got so I didn’t feel cheated.

This pan now lives on top of our stove as it gets used for just about every meal we cook. With no hesitation at all, we fully recommend the Red Copper Square Pan.

What’s included:

  • Red Copper Pan
  • Vented Lid
  • Steamer Tray
  • Fry Basket
  • Cook Book

Get Your Red Copper Square Pan 5-Peice Set from HERE.

Here’s what a few other reviewers learned when they put the Red Copper pans through their paces:

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