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The Inauguration of Donald J.Trump!!!



Donald Trump’s Inauguration got off to a rousing start as he promised to be a president of the people.

Donald Trump delivered a populist rallying call to Americans who felt left behind enough to send a non-politician to do the most powerful job on earth, after he was sworn in Friday as America’s 45th president. 

‘I will fight for you with every breath in my body,’ he pledged. ‘And I will never, ever let you down.’

Trump promised ‘America first’ would become the central organizing principle around which his government is organized.

‘We will follow two simple rules. Buy American and hire American,’ Trump declared.

At 1,453 words, his inaugural address was the shortest since Jimmy Carter’s in 1977. His slogans were just as tight.

‘America first,’ a mantra that he put into common use as he campaigned for the White House, found some flesh on its bone Friday.

‘Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration on foreign affairs, will be made to protect American workers and American families,’ he said.

The Inauguration started with a motorcade of various dignitaries arriving in black SUVs. There was Newt Gingrich and his wife Calista,Bob Dole and his wife, John Boehner and his wife, Mitch McConnell and his wife, former presidents Jimmy Carter and Roselyn Carter, George and Laura Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton and all the supreme court justices and tens of thousands of people in front of the capital building as far as the eye could see all the way back to the Washington Monument.

Hillary looked particularly glum with an expression that looked like she was trying to hide disappointment and humiliation as she was probably thinking, “This should be rightfully my day,” Later after the ceremony at a luncheon in the capital Trump did thank both Clintons for attending and asked them to stand up as everyone gave them a standing ovation.

Finally the cars arrived  carrying Vice President Joe Biden and Mike Pence and Barack Obama and Donald Trump. When Trump arrived as he walked in behind officials alone he looked very serious compared to Mike Pence who was beaming.  Even during the swearing in ceremony he looked very serious.  Was he concerned about all the protestors in the streets acting like Nazis and fascists while protesting Nazism and fascism?   Was he thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” or was he just concentrating on his speech he was about to give hoping all would go well which it did. By the end of the day he was all smiles and beaming though.

Mike Pence was sworn in first as Vice President with Justice Clarence Thomas officiating. Donald was sworn in next by Chief Justice John Roberts with Donald’s family around him as he was sworn in.  Donald was sworn in with his hands on two bibles. One that was Abraham Lincoln’s bible and one that Donald’s mother gave him when he was nine years old.  Donald Trump is sworn in as president | Daily Mail Online

Donald then gave his speech which was short and to the point and very non partisan. He spoke of how this was a government for the people once again and under him people will be taking control of the government once again, “the American carnage must stop now,” he said,” When America is united America is unstoppable. DC has flourished, but the people did not. The establishment has protected itself.”

These were very brave and true words to say especially since the two previous purveyors of the establishment, George Bush and Barack Obama were seated right behind him. Never once did he say the word  “I” It was always the people. That is a great contrast to Obama who constantly patted himself on the back in all his speeches. In his farewell speech Obama mentioned himself 75 times. I noticed Obama had a very terse look on his face as Trump spoke too like he knew Trump was talking about him.

“From this day forward it will be America first. I will fight for you with every breath in my body and never let you down. We will rebuild America with American hands and labor. Now is the arrival of the hour of action.” You can read Donald’s entire speech here.  Trump Inauguration Speech: The Carnage Stops Right Now; From This Day Forward

CBS News contributor Bob Schieffer said that he’s “not sure” if he ever heard any “inauguration speech quite like this one.”

“This was very strong stuff. I did not see any outreach either across or even to his own party. He basically took the hyde off of everybody sitting on that platform telling them that politicians of Washington have prospered while the people out there did not and he said it’s gonna stop here and now,” Schieffer explained.

CBS Evening News” anchor Scott Pelley said, “That was not to my mind the speech of a Republican or Democrat. He excoriated both parties.” And well he should.

At the closing America’s Got Talent winner Jackie Evancho sang the National Anthem so beautifully while the United States Marine Band played. She is certainly growing up and becoming  a very beautiful young lady from the time she won AGT. I would love to see the look on her parents faces now.

We have a businessman in charge now. A business man gets things done while a politician just talks the talk. It’s the dawn of a new beginning.  I think Trump is the man who can do it too.

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