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Obama’s Cuba Policy Only Serves The Castros

Obama makes a big deal out of opening up relations with Cuba and everyone thinks, assumes and hopes that he’s concerned with the plight of the Cuban population who are virtually, and all too often literally, imprisoned in Castro’s paradise.

However, when one reflects back to the beginning of the opening of relations with the Cuban government, I don’t specifically recall an incident where Obama made a big point of freeing Cubans and assuring them of their God-given civil rights and his intention that they would soon be voting for the people who run Cuba and who run their lives. But I do recall his drinking an iced beverage with Raoul Castro while watching a baseball game in Havana, and that’s about as involved and concerned as Obama got with the virtual imprisonment and enslavement of the citizens of Cuba.

When you consider the mental posturing of Obama, you have to come to the conclusion that Obama only opened trade with Cuba to show off for his less wealthy but more successful authoritarian competitors in this game of dictatorial rule (the Castro brothers were the winners in this competition for dominance over a nation of subjects when compared with Obama, because although Obama disobeys the constitution hourly and breaks US laws every day, he still can’t lock up his political enemies without some semblance of due process, as Raoul Castro can do) in an effort to keep them under his control and begging him for money to help relieve the constant impoverishment of a once vibrant, modern and wealthy island nation.

But the real test of the slight-of-hand that Obama likes to play, is that his recent claim that he will deport any Cuban who comes illegally to the United States, is belied by the fact that Obama is not at present deporting anyone who comes into the United States, especially if they enter illegally. So if no one is being vetted, detained or questioned at the border, how can anyone be discovered as being Cuban and be deported? And wouldn’t deporting only Cubans among the infinity of nationalities currently passing freely into America, be discriminating against Cubans?

A little deeper thinking will bring up yet another idiocy of Obama’s newly installed Cuban non-policy specifically, and any of Obama’s decisions in general: Wouldn’t deporting only Cubans not only undermine Obama’s reputation for favoring Hispanic persons who enter America freely and illegally seeking a better life for themselves and their families, but would it not also be halting and deporting individuals based on their country of origin?  I pose this question because Obama is firmly on record for criticizing Donald Trump for wanting to keep Syrians and other radical Muslims out of the United States based solely on one identifying aspect of their lives, which in the case of radical Muslims would be their religion, like, for example, when the lying, two-faced Barack Obama first became president and forbade Iraqi refugees from entering the country based solely on their nation of origin.

So at least one can summarize Obama by not only reminding friends and family that if Obama is talking, he’s lying, but also include the information that if Obama is talking, he’s also speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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