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Liberal Protesters Are The True Nazis Of Today!!!


george-soros-nazi-collaborator-60-minutes-interview-steve-kroft-933x445 mass-migrationOnce again the crybaby anti-Trump media is purposely causing mass hysteria by purposely misreporting what is going on with the Trump administration. Trump is doing what is right in protecting the country and is keeping his promises. The media is not used to seeing that combined with fact that they still cannot get over that they lost.. Now with Trump rightfully firing acting Attorney General Sally Yates for purposely showing insubordination to the president has only added fuel to their fire. They are whipping the masses up into a frenzy by saying it is a Muslim ban when it isn’t. Hillary and Obama first supported this ban and added three other countries to it. Obama gave Trump the list of dangerous countries and he is acting on it putting a TEMPORAY ban for three months on people coming from these countries so we can  put a strict vetting process in. Out of the many thousands that came into the country his past week-end only 102 have been inconvienced.   That is a small price to pay for our safety. Besides there are 40 other Muslim countries he is not putting a ban on. When Obama did it everyone patted him on the back for keeping us safe. When Trump does it he’s a racist. Go figure!!!

I’ve seen many arguments from the other side saying there are many good Iraqis and Iranians and other Muslims that have helped American Soldiers over there which is true, but never forget it took 19 hijackers from Saudi Arabia to take out 2000 of us on 9/11. It took only two people from the Middle East to take out 14 in San Bernadino .It took one from the Middle-East to take out 14 at Fort Hood and it took only one to take out five soldiers in Chattanooga,Tenn. Don’t  forget he one Muslim who took out close to 40 people in Orlando and the two Muslim brothers in Boston who took out at least five innocent  runners and more  fans at the Boston Marathon.

 Over the weekend, there has been endless hysteria by the liberal media about President Donald Trump’s Executive Order limiting immigration from certain countries which have ties to terror. Incorrectly referred to by the biased media as a “Muslim ban,” it’s simply limiting immigration from countries chosen by Barack Obama and Congress as a security threat.

In 2015, Congress passed – and Barack Obama signed – the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act, listing the countries affected by President Trump’s Executive Order.Nowhere does this ban mention “Muslims.

These safe zones are a step toward Middle Eastern nations actually helping these refugees in a humane, reasonable way. Right now, they have flooded into Europe and America while draining social welfare systems. This is unacceptable, which is why it’s important to have a leader like President Trump who can negotiate alternative arrangements which not only keep America safe, but save taxpayers’ money. https://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/trump-saudi-arabia-agrees-help-president-create-safe-zones-refugees/#ixzz4XIUcUkwb

Why are the liberals so against protecting our country from terrorist…..where was uproar on the ban when Carter and Obama put restrictions on immigration…..oh, I forgot—it’s the demoncrats that are rioting along with their handlers, the main stream media backed by George Soros. That’s the caliber of these un-Americans. It’s amazing how the MSM can twist things around like they do. We need to be very careful who we let in from terrorist nations.

These protesters call the Trump followers Nazis, but it’s the protesters who are the true Nazis as they beat up innocent people for supporting Trump, riot in the streets, smashing car windows, smashing store windows and setting cars on fire,forcing their will on people all the while shouting Love Trumps Hate.

I’d say this is all being funded by George Soros and  his goal of a New World Order which Hillary supported too  before he dies. Really!!!. Why doesn’t Trump follow Putin’s lead and expel the bastard from the country? Probably because he can do the same thing from anywhere and get away with it, because he’s got the money to buy off any officials.

But if France banished Napoleon Bonaparte to the most remote island on the planet, sure we can find one for Soros! It would have to be policed 24/7/365 to enforce his solitude, but it would be cheap when you add up the cost of all the damage he’s done to date.

In spite of what these detractors say Trump’s order is completely constitutional.  58% give a favorable opinion of Trump. The Rasmussen Reports survey, which was conducted last week, found 57 percent of likely U.S. voters support the halt of visitors and refugees from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen until approved vetting measures are in place. Only 33 percent oppose the measure.The only ones complaining are enemies of America. Trump is  keeping his promises to the American people. I have his back 100% on all he is doing and he will make America great again in spite of the ignorant crybaby libbies and mainstream fake news media. Poll: Only One-Third Of Americans Oppose Trump’s Temporary Immigration And Tra

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