Forget Hollywood Blacklists, Now It’s Hollywood Death Threat Lists

One recalls the 1950s and the Hollywood blacklists that kept actors, who leaned toward Russia and Communism, from being employed in their acting careers, and oh how the leftists squealed about that. But now Hollywood believes that threatening death to Trump entertainers is a less serious threat than the 1950s blacklists? Is that the thinking of these clowns?

At present, we have a role reversal with our liberal Democrat friends, based solely on a political expediency: now, after a period of time in which Barack Obama dealt secretly with Russia’s Vladimir Putin, and was at one point caught on tape begging Putin to give him more time to be re-elected to his second term as president so he could be more accommodating with his pal the Russian dictator, we see liberal Democrats pretending to be fearful of Russia and are calling Russia a great threat to America (the exact opposite opinion from what Obama had in 2012 when he scolded Mitt Romney for saying that Russia is our biggest enemy) and we discover that Democrats, who originally abhorred the Hollywood blacklisting of enemies of America and who loved and sympathized with Communism and Communists, are now threatening death to anyone in Hollywood who supports Donald Trump or who volunteers to perform at his inauguration celebration parties, because they now fear Putin’s Russia. Do I have that correct?

Democrats are a bunch of sick people and it’s becoming impossible to follow their likes and fears as regards enemies of America, but the one entity that Hollywood will never sway from hating, year after year and election after election, is patriotic, American, Conservatives and Republicans, and right now Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the Democrats’ continued political existence. So now, logically, they have sworn to kill anyone, even a member of their own Hollywood entertainment group, who sings to him or otherwise consorts with him as he becomes our next president.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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