Why The Liberal Teeth-Gnashing Over Russia Now? Obama Loved Putin.

After eight years of Obama’s love affair with Vladimir Putin, why are Democrat liberals suddenly so anti-Russia and frightened to death of Mr. Putin? All Donald Trump has done is appoint to the Secretary of State position a man who has negotiated with Russians and occasionally taken them to the cleaners in an attempt to make a profit for his company, Exxon, and one suspects that as Secretary of State he’ll continue to work his negotiating magic to work for the advantage of the United States in international relations. To assume that because he negotiated against Russia for oil and gas deals, that he would now buckle under and work to Russia’s advantage is sheer idiocy.

The absolute vacuity of liberal arguments concerning fear of Russia were proven to be complete lies after we saw Obama beg Putin for more time to get re-elected so he could be more flexible with Putin in his talks about getting weapons removed from Europe. Obama gave Putin the store, but this did not cause American liberals to fear Russia nor to demand an investigation into Obama’s intentions toward Russia.

If any evidence of the love of American liberals for Russia and Communism is necessary just google Walter Duranty and learn how the mass murders committed by Stalin were completely ignored in liberal love for Russia. One may also find a news reference to Ted Kennedy going to Russia in the early 1980s and warning the mass murderers there of the danger of Ronald Reagan. And more recently most Americans recall in the presidential campaign of 2012 how Obama told Mitt Romney that Russia was old news and no threat to America in the twenty-first century. So it appears obvious that liberals really have no fear of Russia, they are only generating more Fake News to further their anti-American and anti-Trump agenda. The socialism that has hurt America during the Obama presidency is the liberal expression of their fondness for complete government control of a citizen’s life, which idea comes from Marx and Russia.

This foolishness of harassing Trump about Russia must be ended so we can get our nation on track and reverse the Obama years. But the disinformation won’t stop because our liberal press will tell any lie to oppose Donald Trump or any other traditional, patriotic American who wants a smaller government and a rule of law under the American constitution. Fake News is what they do.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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