Trump’s Billion Dollar Cabinet

One hears liberals belly-aching about Donald Trump appointing very wealthy individuals to his White House cabinet. Although liberal Democrats mean only derision and insult with this description of Trump’s selected administration staff, the very fact that they are wealthy and made their fortunes by working and succeeding for years in their chosen fields of endeavor, means that they served their customer and employers well and produced products and services that their customers wanted and needed, and gives evidence of their understanding of their industry and how a successful nation should perform.

On the other hand, the failed Obama administration’s policy was to appoint a cabinet almost solely from college faculties and liberal think tanks, who had never been responsible for employing people and making a profit in a competitive environment. All of these know-nothing cabinet members were unleashed to try their unproved theories and half-baked ideas of how the world should function on an unsuspecting America, and we wonder why the actual unemployment rate is close to twenty percent and why we have companies moving off-shore at a staggering rate to try to avoid Obama’s taxes, regulations, insurance costs and edicted minimum wage and overtime rulings.

Obama said at the beginning of his administration that he would “fundamentally transform America”, and he set about doing exactly that by appointing a radical left, anti-capitalist cabinet that could and would make every effort to unmake America from what it’s always been.

Trump’s miraculous election win in November is evidence that Americans are fed up with the leftist, PC crap from Washington and they want experienced business people who have been successful at what they do, guiding the nation, but also leaving the business community free of government meddling and at liberty to run their businesses as they and their stakeholders determine is the best course for success.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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