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Trump Comments on Electoral College Result

In a statement issued Monday, President-elect Donald Trump thanked the American people and promised to unite the nation.

“Today marks a historic electoral landslide victory in our nation’s democracy. I thank the American people for their overwhelming vote to elect me as their next President of the United States. The official votes cast by the Electoral College exceeded the 270 required to secure the presidency by a very large margin, far greater than ever anticipated by the media. This election represents a movement that millions of hard working men and women all across the country stood behind and made possible. With this historic step we can look forward to the bright future ahead. I will work hard to unite our country and be the President of all Americans. Together, we will make America great again.”

The final tally of electoral college voters showed a total failure by Hollywood and extremist progressive organizations to get Republican electors to choose anyone but Trump.

While two “faithless” GOP electors did vote for candidates other than Trump, five Democrat electors chose to vote for candidates other than Clinton.

Having failed to win the White House by election, three failed recounts, and a failed electoral college revolt, Democrats have put another plan to steal the Presidency into play.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and congressional democrats are drafting legislation that they hope to use to impeach Donald Trump.

The bill would make it a high crime and/or misdemeanor for a President to have any holdings that might represent a conflict-of-interest, but the legislation has no chance of getting through a Republican-led congress.

Once Warren’s plan fails, it is expected that progressive extremists will then use the courts to stymie the President-elect as he enacts his agenda to energize the economy, create jobs, strengthen the military and secure America’s borders.

If this is what Democrats want to be known for, the 2018 mid-term elections are likely to result in even more lost congressional seats for the left.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Clearly the democrats are trying to regain the intiative by not letting go of old strategies and operations that have already failed. That is good. I see a path to the oldest and most evil party in America finally going down in flames. The possibility. No one knows the future.

    The flaw in their actions is at the very core of their doctrine; that progressivism believes in evolution where human nature is progressing to something better – some sort of collective. I’m reminded of the Borg. They dismiss as old fashioned and invalid the Principles of Humanity written in the Declaration Of Independence where all men are created (their humanity came from something greater than ALL of humanity combined) EQUAL (no one is more human or less human than any other human) with certain (cannot be denied they exist) unaLIENable (cannot be taken) rights (those common characteristics of Human nature that come natural to us that do not infringe upon the same activities of any other human being) that include life, liberty, and the ownership of property (that includes everything about us even the very breath we breath).

    The progressive doctrine say humans are becoming better – superior – to what they were. Unfortunately for most of us this is not a uniform process. Some humans are becoming “better” faster than other human beings. These are the experts, the natural superiors, the progressives. In other words the Lords of the manor (the feudal estate) now have the power to take care of the rest of us – being so wise they know better how to take care of us that we do. We are simply stupid voters unable to govern our own affairs.

    Yeah – like that’s really working for them.

    They pile upon us complexities upon complexities to the point of perplexity and then tell us we need them, the EXPERTS, to handle all of these complexities!!

    But the simplicity is that if each human does the best that he can do for himself all of humanity benefits! The progressive can’t live with that because their natural superiority is then meaningless!

    You cannot tell a lie except that there is some Truth to lie about. Therefore lies can NEVER escape the TRUTH… and TRUTH destroys lies EVERY TIME.

    Poor STUPID little progressives – you are bound to failure! All of your money and all of your propaganda cannot put your humpty dumpty asses back together again!!!

  2. When you’ve spent your life living in a fantasy world or with one ideology fact, truth, and REALITY are hard to face and come to terms with….these odd ducks need to be pitied and prayed for.

    Trump isn’t a true, dyed in the wool conservative, but is a true American and has given us more attention and consideration since Nov 8 than 8 years of Obama…and that’s rather nice, don’t you think? He is collecting a staff that is probablly more conservative than he is. That’s good start.

    For every season there is a reason….election balance is the electoral college reason. Losers seem to think laws should be changed and that will make them winners…..NOT!

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