Per MSNBC, Trump Is A Showman, And Obama Never Brags

A recent MSNBC program had the liberal talking heads trying to out-do each other by criticizing Donald Trump’s Carrier deal of saving 1000 American jobs as just a display of Trump’s showmanship, and they stressed that Trump is bragging up his job-saving efforts while Barack Obama has spent the last eight years silently helping Americans and not advertising the assistance he’s been providing.

The big difference between Trump and Obama is that Obama will grow government and shrink private corporations with every chance he gets. He nationalized General Motors and stole privately held bonds from corporate investors with no restitution possible for those unfortunate people. This illegal bankruptcy process saved some GM jobs (although if GM had been allowed to fail, Ford or Chrysler or Toyota or Honda would have hired most of the people who would have been laid off, back to their own assembly lines) but Obama, in a structured bankruptcy, gave the company to the unions, who of course donate to and vote for Democrats, who in turn grow government and waste money on socialization ideas that fail every time they’re tried.

On the other hand, Donald Trump’s Carrier deal favors the workers of that company while leaving the company itself alone and not growing government.

And for MSNBC’s information Obama absolutely does brag about all the great things he’s done (every speech he makes is laden with the personal pronouns “I” and “Me”), like getting uninsured people onto a healthcare plan under the failed and failing Obamacare, but he fails to mention that the Affordable Care Act was just the nationalization of the American insurance industry and a wealth grab, forcing money from the pockets of earners and giving it to the taker class.

I assume that Obama would also brag about the Obamaphone giveaway program, but that scheme just increases taxes on the middle class in order to give cell phones to the takers. Welfare, in general, is just wealth transfers from the working people, with Obama taking personal credit for helping (or perhaps a better word may be, enslaving) the poor who can’t find jobs, even with the presumed job-seeking assistance of the free Obamaphones.

Nothing Obama has ever done allows or encourages a private company to expand or hire more people, but Trump’s Carrier deal did not nationalize the company and didn’t impose edicts on them from the EPA or the labor department. So one would believe that Trump deserves some credit for his influence in the Carrier matter.

And yes, MSNBC got it partly right: Trump is a rather good showman.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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