Hillary’s Self-Congratulatory, Luxurious, Loser’s Party

I understand that Hillary Clinton is going to offer a party in the grand Gatsby style for all of the heavy contributors to her failed presidential run.

Does this fancy woman believe that these filthy wealthy Democrat contributors really give a hoot about her rinky-dink party? Do they not understand that Hillary is spending their campaign contributions on this party? Did she even offer to return the money they contributed to her in lieu of inviting them to this party?

Quite possibly her contributors wish she had campaigned in a manner that showed some real zeal instead of loafing and resting when she wasn’t in the Hamptons or Hollywood wining and dining with her swell-headed buddies. Hillary made no serious effort to win the election because she thought it was a slam-dunk and that the presidency belonged to her as a right. So instead of strenuously campaigning she just collected millions of dollars in order to lease her own personal airliner for a few months, then lose the election in a landslide, and then waste contributors’ money on this mighty-fine party.

One wonders if Hillary, in addition to throwing her thank-you party, is also going to pay the airfare for her rich Hollywood contributors to fly back to New York to attend the party?  Maybe her campaign jet is still hers to use and she can just send that to California to collect the movie stars.

One also is curious if Hillary has given any thought to somehow thanking those middle class contributors who contributed less than a million dollars each to her campaign. Maybe she could rent a Motel Six in Queens and serve pizza and beer to all of these lesser contributors. Very likely those lesser contributors who gave $100 each to her campaign were giving a larger percentage of their wealth and income than the wealthy movie stars who gave her a million dollars. But with Hillary, the more money she receives, the more respect she returns.

One can’t help but wonder if Madonna will join Hillary at her New York party in order to provide the promised oral sex to all who voted for Hillary. If I know Madonna, no room need be rented for this event; just meet her in a near-by broom closet and business can be conducted quickly and efficiently, and one need not even shut the door. I assume, however, that the personal BJ part of the party would only be offered to those wealthy voters who are invited to the NYC bash, and not those who would attend the Queens pizza and beer event.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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