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Trump Family On 60 Minutes!!!



On Sunday night the entire Trump family appeared on 60minutes. Interviewed by liberal 60 Minutes journalist Leslie Stahl, I saw once again see how biased the liberal media is against Trump and any conservative.

In her introduction to the segment titled   “The 45th president” Stahl said “Donald reached out to his “WHITE” constituency and   “WHITE” women voted for him. I thought that was very biased and racist coming from her since more blacks and Hispanics voted for him than they did for Romney. I got the impression from looking at them that Leslie still couldn’t believe that Trump won and she was sitting across from him instead of Hillary and I got the feeling that they wished they weren’t there. They are much more comfortable when on FOX shows particularly Sean Hannity.

Leslie asked Donald if he supported gay marriage. Donald said he said at the republican convention that he doesn’t have anything against it and that is the law of the land as ruled by the supreme  court.  Leslie  persisted  saying “But do YOU support it.” Trump again said “Look Leslie I said the supreme  court passed it so we must abide by it.”She was trying to bait him like all journalists did during the campaign and it didn’t work.

Leslie told Donald that a lot of people are afraid of him and are demonstrating in the streets. Donald said  that they don’t know me and shouldn’t be afraid and blamed the media for what is going on. Again Leslie pressed him in typical  liberal fashion and he said he would tell them not to be afraid we are going to take our country back. As far as deportations go Trump said he would only deport bad people like drug dealers and gang members which there are millions of out there.

Other things Leslie tried to bait him on was some of the things he said about Obama. Trump replied in their meeting recently they never said anything about each other even though Obama said nasty things about him and he said horrible things about Obama. Leslie then asked if his selection was a repudiation of Obama’s policies and Trump said no it was just a repudiation over what has been happening to us over a long period of time. Which was a nice way of saying yes it was a repudiation of his policies.

Leslie asked him if he regretted anything he said during the campaign and he said no as it was a very tough campaign, but we have to concentrate on making America great again which is the theme of his campaign.

Leslie asked him if he was going to accept the $400,000 salary of the president. Trump said he won’t but since it is a law that the president must have a salary he was going to take a dollar a year.

Leslie asked his daughter Ivanka if she was going to have a part or position in her father’s administration. Ivanka said she wasn’t but there are several issues he feels strongly about like equality for women’s salaries and women’s issues she will advise him on. His two sons Donald and Eric said they will stay in New York and run their father’s business.

This is a family America can be proud of. He’s a very, very  successful  businessman around the world, Melania is a beautiful, successful well versed woman who speaks five languages and will make a gorgeous first lady,he has two very handsome and very likable sons both with beautiful wives and has two very beautiful daughters all good eye candy for the camera.  Something  for everyone. Compare that to having Bill back in there chasing interns around and probably having them give him back rubs and foot massages like he does at his Clinton library.

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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