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Trump Campaign Promise Tracker

Donald Trump won the 2016 election and made some bold promises. This page will track his administration’s ability to live up to every single one of them. Don’t see a promise listed that you remember him making or feel that tracking information should be updated? Just let us know in the comment section below.

Trump’s Campaign Promises and Status

Campaign PromiseStatusNotes
Get manufacturers to stop sending jobs overseasIn-progress- Carrier has announced an agreement with Trump to keep a plant in Indiana open saving 1,000 jobs
- Ford pulls back plans to move SUV production to Mexico after meeting with Trump
- Apple has parts suppliers, currently overseas, examine moving manufacturing to the United States
Secure the BorderIn-Progress- Authorized 5,000 more border control agents
- EO authorizing wall planning activities
- Wall prototypes built and undergoing testing
- Authorized 4,000 National Guard Troops for border protection
- Declared National Emergency for the border Feb. 2019
Repeal and Replace the Affordable Care ActOn-hold- EO ordering agencies not to apply Obamacare penalties
- American Health Care Act bill pulled from consideration after republicans failed to get enough votes
Strengthen the MilitaryIn-progress- National Defense Authorization Act of 2019 passed, includes spending increases and pay increases for military members
Renegotiate NAFTADelivered- announced that NAFTA will be renegotiated or U.S. will pull out
- in negotiations with NAFTA partners
- agreement reached with Mexico, new bilateral U.S. - Mexico Trade Agreement heads to Congress for approval
- Canada agreed to U.S. - Mexico -Canada agreement on 9/30/18
Get rid of all of Obama's Executive Ordersin-progress
Nominate a Constitutional Conservative to the Supreme CourtDelivered- Nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch - confirmed
- Nominated Brett Kavanaugh - confirmed
Drop out of Paris AccordDelivered- Trump told NY Times press that he won't pull out right away and would examine impacts to U.S.
- Pulled out of the accord
Get rid of Iran Nuke DealDeliveredPulled out of the Nuclear deal in May, 2018
Defeat ISISIn-progress, going well- pushed ISIS out of its strongholds in Iraq
- ISIS eliminated in most of Syria - bringing U.S. troops home
Deport illegal aliensIn-progress- EO signed on border security and illegal immigration enforcement
- Got Congress to approve huge increase in border security funding for 2019
Appoint special prosecutor to find the truth about Hillary Clinton and her corrupt foundationFailed- announced that he would be directing his ambassadors to request foreign governments to investigate ties with Clinton Foundation
- foreign nations pulled funding for Clinton Global Initiative after the request to investigate. The funding losses resulted in the closure of the "charity"
- has announced publicly that he would not be appointing a special prosecutor nor would he go after the Clintons or their foundation
Lobbying BanDelivered- EO forbidding Executive Branch staff from lobbying for 5 years after leaving office
Reduce regulationsIn-Progress- signed EO requiring that for every 1 new reg, 2 must be eliminated
- signed EO to reduce coal/gas regs
- announced in first 100-day plan that he would require every new regulation be accompanied by two old ones being erased.
- 18 regulations repealed for every 1 enacted
Hiring freeze on all federal employeesDelivered- EO ordering hiring and pay freeze signed
Constitutional amendment forcing congressional Term LimitsFailed- No amendment brought up for consideration, no public mention of this item.
Comprehensive Tax ReformPartially delivered- Tax cuts delivered in 2017, but comprehensive reform was not.
- Tax reform 2.0 discussed in 2018, but not likely until after midterms
Move U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and officially recognize as capitalDelivered- Embassy opened in Jerusalem May 14, 2018
- Announced Dec. 2017 that the embassy would be moved over next 3-4 years
- Signed proclamation officially recognizing Jerusalem as capital of Israel


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