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The Real Basket Of Deplorables Looks For Someone to Blame While Hate Trumps Love!!!


These Clinton people are so besides themselves they can’t understand why they lost and are looking for someone to blame. First they said it was the Wiki Leaks that caused them to lose, then they said it was the third party candidates that caused them to lose, then they blamed Comey now they are saying it was because they were so arrogant. Who really is responsible for any one person losing an election. Surely it’s impossible that it’s them.

Clinton’s loss at the hands of Donald Trump amounted to the most surprising outcome in the history of modern electoral politics. Of course things could’ve been done differently. And ignoring that fact wasn’t going to make the searing defeat any easier.

“We are pissed at them and state parties are pissed at them because they lost due to arrogance,” a top DNC staffer tells U.S. News, sharing the candid sentiment suffusing the high levels of the committee in exchange for anonymity. DNC staff: Arrogance cost Hillary Clinton the election vs. Donald Trump – AOL

I found these three comments that really sum it all up:

Noone has a problem with a female president, but you don’t vote one in on her gender.. You need someone who is honest and sincere. Has morals and values and someone who has the country’s interest at heart. All of which Clinton does not. Scandal after scandal have haunted her career.. She is the most untrusted person in the country. And when she said she was going to keep Obama’s agenda going, that sunk her.  This country needs help and the dems are not hearing the people. So that’s the reason she lost, she was just not the person for this country. Enough said.  Remember Bengazi..

Hillary Clinton is solely responsible for her failure in the election.  She is a vulgar, vile, evil, mean spirited, power hungry, liar, who would do or say anything to get elected POTUS.  Fortunately, for every right thinking person in this nation, she didn’t say or do what was needed to win.I know what evil we would have had in Hillary, who is only interested in power and money.  I can only hope and pray that Trump truly does what is best for our country.

If Hillary had not used a private server and then lied about it, that would not have been an issue. If Hillary had simply turned over all the emails and all the devices subpoenaed this would not have been an issue. If Hillary had not left our ambassador and three good men in Benghazi to die, it would not have been an issue. If Hillary, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the DNC had not conspired to torpedo Bernie, his voters would not have felt hopeless. If Hillary, Donna Brazile and CNN had not compromised debate questions in an effort to give her an unfair advantage, it would not have been an issue. If Hillary and the DNC had not hired corrupt felons to disrupt Trump’s events and place voters in danger to get a sound bite on the news, it would not have been an issue. if Hillary had not referred to those who did not agree with her as a “basket full of deplorables,” that would not have been an issue. If the Clinton Foundation was not involved in pay-for-play, the FBI would not still be investigation that matter and, it would not have been an issue. Wikileaks did not force Democrats to type those nasty plans, thoughts and ideas in those emails.  Wikileaks merely exposed the truth! Hillary and the above-mentioned tricksters need to own it and the DNC needs to take a look at the unvarnished truth in the mirror!

As Trump’s campaign  manager Kelley Ann Conway said, “The people have been telling pollsters for decades that they want someone who is an outsider, a disrupter, an independent voice who doesn’t owe anybody anything in Washington — and they finally got their wish with Donald J. Trump.”

That is so true, Trump ran against the democrats, he ran against the republicans, he ran against the media, he ran against the whole establishment and won. He truly is an outsider, an independent and a disrupter, but most of all a voice of the people who love this country and want to see it on the right path. Trump listened to the people and stayed on message Hillary did not.

Now the true basket of deplorable  are on the Hillary side as they run through streets smashing store windows, setting fires, shouting obscene epithets, throwing the middle finger, burning effigies of Trump,beating up people,marking buildings with graffiti all the while saying “Love trumps hate.” And singing “All You need is Love.” They have become the very thing they say they are against. With them it is Hate Trumps Love. HATE TRUMPS LOVE

They call trump a racist and bigot which he’s not. If he’s such a racist and bigot then why does he hire so many blacks, Asians, Indians and Hispanics. They call him a misogynist which he’s not. If he’s such a misogynist why did he marry three of the most beautiful women on the planet. Why does he hire more women than men and why does he pay his women executives more than his male executives. I wonder if these demonstrators realize that Hillary hires more men than women and pays her male employees at the Clinton Foundation $8-10,000 more than her female employees there. They call him homophobic, then why does he hire so  many gays? I wonder if they realize that Hillary has been prone to use the “N” word in referring to black people as has Bill. So who’s  the real racist and misogynist? Hmmmmm?

There is talk about Rudy Guiliani being attorney general. He cleaned up New York with all its’ crime and mafia now he can do the same here. In fact I can’t wait for Rudy to come out and put an end to it.  There is a difference between lawful Demonstrations and Unlawful Riots.  One is protected by the law (Constitution), the other is a crime.  One has to be announced to the City before it happens, the other h

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