Know Liberal Democrats By Their Racism

It doesn’t take long to get at what itches liberal Democrats, and they always cooperate when you search for their soul, and produce racism as the essence of their being.

Donald Trump beat the daylights out of Hillary Clinton last Tuesday by attracting votes from women, Asians, blacks, Hispanics and of course white men, and he also crossed party lines and got many votes from Democrats and Libertarians as well as Republicans. So it would appear to a reasonable person that these voters of diverse racial and gender makeup thought Donald Trump could provide a better nation for them to live in than the Obama-Hillary nation we’ve had for eight years. So far I see in these patriotic voters no “ism” of any kind, just American citizens, wanting a better life for their families and themselves, and then voting accordingly. In fact you have to be racist to the core of your being in order to believe that whites who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, but now prefer Trump to be their president, are racists in 2016, but not when they voted for Obama in previous elections.

But like clockwork, Van Jones, the Communist that Obama had on his White House staff for a while until he became an embarrassment to even Barack Obama due to his virulent radicalism, claimed that Donald Trump’s victory was a “white-lash” that was nothing but pure racism on the part of the white population of America. Mr. Jones doesn’t think in terms of a “black-lash” when black Americans demonstrate that they are fed up with Obama’s and Hillary’s anti-American socialism and want a change of leadership, just as their white counterparts do. His sole interest is labeling whites as racists. That’s what liberal Democrats do.

Additionally, blacks voting for Obama in 2012 were not racists in Mr. Jones’ opinion, but electing Donald Trump in 2016 from a very racially diverse voter base, is racist, but only for the voters with white skin color.

The blacks who voted for Donald Trump were looking out for their own best interest just the same as whites were, and if Mr. Jones had taken a minute to ponder that point he’d perhaps realize that a vast majority of Americans believe that Obama’s leftist, anti-American pitch is not serving America’s best interest, so they voted for Donald Trump to lead the nation in a new direction. This reasoning is simple, honest and to the point, which is something racists like Mr. Jones will never understand.Van Jones racist

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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