Hillary Has No Idea What The Middle Class Is, Nor How It’s Created

Hillary Clinton is still making the idiotic statement that she wants a strong middle class “from the middle out and from bottom up”. What the hell does that statement even mean?

What Lady Hillary doesn’t understand is that middle class jobs are created by entrepreneurs and employers, not the government. If the government were to send a $90,000 check to every American so they could have the money to rank them as being middle class, we would call this handout welfare, not earnings. So, again, what does her stupid statement of “from the middle out and from bottom up” even mean? She completely leaves out any reference to the businesses whose employees will constitute the large and growing middle class that she claims she wants.

What Hillary doesn’t get is that only businesses can create middle class wages. Every cent the government spends is a drag on the economy because the government doesn’t make anything, nor does it sell anything; it merely takes citizens’ money in the form of taxes and passes that money onto whatever the government is wasting money on today. This means that no government employee is actually part of the middle class no matter how much money they take home, because all government employees are a drag on the economy, too, because they produce nothing that is sold at a profit, and profit is the only thing that constitutes an economy.

For-profit businesses are the only source of real, sustained wealth in the nation, but entrepreneurs must consider the economic circumstances they face in order to establish a new business or grow an existing one. Aside from other companies in competition with the product or service the business will sell, they must consider the taxes they will have to pay to the government, government regulations they must abide by and pay for, and healthcare costs of their employees, in order to decide if expanding an existing business or creating a new one is a wise decision.

Given the enormous costs that the government imposes on businesses, and the obstacles these costs place on a business before middle class jobs can even be designed and created, I have a few questions for Hillary (or any other lame-brained liberal/Democrat) to see how sincere she is about her desire for middle class jobs:

Is she going to lower taxes to make it less costly to establish or grow a business? No! She has promised to raise taxes on businesses and the rich (in fact in more than one speech she screeched that she would raise taxes on the “middle class”).

Is she going to reduce EPA regulations that are so costly for businesses to abide by? No! She will undoubtedly allow the EPA to continue to issue volumes of additional, costly regulations each month.

Is she going to get rid of the unbelievably expensive Obamacare which places so much uncertainty on businesses who have full-time employees? Hell no! She loves Obamacare and will push for a single-payer system, the costs of which will absolutely be placed on businesses, all of which she considers to be part of “the rich” category whom she hates so much (except for the $100 million she’s worth). And of course Obamacare is the “legacy” of Obama-the-great, so it’s untouchable for any good liberal Democrat.

Hillary is not only crooked, a liar and an exposer of top secret information via her illegal and unprotected email server, but she’s wrong, and because of her liberal-Democrat tilt she refuses to learn the truth.

If Donald Trump is not elected president on November 8th our nation will continue its decline at an even greater pace. Trump is a business man and knows what is good economic policy and what is not, so we’d better elect proven success and knowledge to the White House, and not stick with Hillary’s idiotic, failed, leftist ideology.

And for those who doubt that Trump will be able to accomplish the job growth he promises with his economic plan, I have only his own words to offer: “What the hell do you have to lose?” Our economy is already in the tank because of Obama’s and Hillary’s liberal controls and high taxes, so it’s worth trying a new set of ideas based on the proven practices that made America prosperous and a great powerhouse in the first place.

Vote Trump! Your grandchildren will be glad you did.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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