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Hate Trumps Love With The Left!!!



With all these peace ,love and tolerance people suddenly rioting in the streets, shouting hateful epithets and saying Trump is not their president and becoming the very thing they are opposing, I am reminded of a famous Archie Bunker poster (for those of you that remember him) that said “There s a little bit of me in all of youse.” So it is with these rioters.

All some Democrats know how to do is riot and cause destruction when they don’t get their way. Protests and violence are common in Third World countries after elections, but this is the United States of America, and we’re not supposed to do this sort of garbage. In America, after you lose an election to the opposing candidate, you’re supposed accept it and move on like we conservatives did with Obama. Therefore I thought it might be fun to do this little satire I thought up. After all they say satire is based on truth.

Love Trumps Hate (except when we don’t get our way)

Love Trumps Hate (while we smash store windows)

Love Trumps Hate (as we beat up an elderly man who voted for Trump even though we didn’t know he voted for Trump)

Love Trumps Hate (as we beat up a young school girl for posting on Instagram that she supports Trump.)

Love Trumps Hate (as we set these cars on fire)

Love Trumps Hate (As we throw the middle finger to republicans)

Love Trumps Hate (as we mark up city monuments with graffitti)

Love Trumps Hate (as we set fires in the streets)

Love Trumps Hate (as we block major hiways preventing fire trucks and ambulances from getting through thus costing lives)

Love Trumps Hate (as we make up hateful stories about Trump and blame him for it)

Love Trumps Hate (as the media instills fear in the migrant and Muslim population and blames Trump for it)

Love Trumps Hate (as one high school student punches another in the face for holding a Trump sign)

Yes I guess with the left it’s  Hate trumps Love. They should all look in the mirror. I guess they’re mad that their voter fraud didn’t work out as well as they thought it would especially since it was discovered that three million illegals and dead people voted.

Will Dumas · 

Looks like these morons finally realized that holding their breath and turning blue, or lying on the floor and throwing a tantrum wasn’t getting them the attention they were hoping for. Arson and looting have always been their real strengths. It’s good to see bottom feeders illustrating their real desire which is to destroy or steal anything and everything that they feel that they’re entitled to.

Hessie L. Harris

These people have a third-world mentality. In those places, the “presidency” often revolves around a cult of personality not as here by a constitutional process

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