Donald Trump Will Create Jobs By Rebuilding Detroit And Other Rust-Belt Cities. I Hope That’s Just The Beginning.

Donald Trump says his plan to create jobs and put people back to work will include his plan to bring old Rust-belt cities into the 21st Century by rebuilding dilapidated inner-city neighborhoods, and in the process hire local people to do the work, thus improving the employment statistics in those cities and restoring pride of the locals in their cities and their efforts.

I most heartily salute Mr. Trump for the attention he plans to place on these often tumble-down cities and the improvement this attention will make for the unfortunate people who live there. The residents of these cities should soon realize that they have been ignored and used by their liberal Democrat city and state politicians for many years, and this effort should help the citizens rise from the poverty and welfare dependence that too many of them have succumbed to under Democrat rule, and a brighter future may sway numbers of them from the Democrat Party that has so abused and mistreated them for decades.

But, and I’m sure Mr. Trump realizes this, it must nevertheless be said: government money spent in cities like Detroit will help the local economy thereabouts and will boost employment numbers, but it will do nothing for the broader economy, and the tax money used to pay for the federal effort in these cities will only be a drag on the national economy as taxes will necessarily be yanked from the working class to pay for it all.

Only a for-profit company, being successful, producing products and employing workers, can boost the national economy, and if Mr. Trump will concentrate time and effort on reversing all of Obama’s EPA regulations that have burdened companies that want to grow, or have intimidated start-up entrepreneurship, whose plans died in the conception stage because someone who wanted to start a business was too frightened of Obamacare, government regulations and taxes to spend the time, effort and money to invest in a new company.


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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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