Did America Wait To Long For Trump?

With the election of Donald Trump, there was a big sigh of relief followed by cheers across this country, not by all Americans but over 61 million of them. After everything has settled and reality sets in many are wondering, did the election of Donald Trump come soon enough to save America?

For years, I like many other Americans have watched America become not America, at least not the America we have known and loved. For years we have watched how America has taken a sharp left turn and made what was once considered wrong, right and what was once considered right, wrong. Political correctness took the place of truth. Common sense became a thing of the past, there were no consequences if you did anything wrong.

We have stood by and watched success vilified while those living off the money made by the successful people was cheered and promoted by our own government. We have stood by and watched black cop killers being celebrated while the cops that defend society and keep us safe were made the bad guys.

We have watched freedom of religion under attack, we cannot disagree with views that offend us, like abortion, same sex marriage, and homosexuality, why even saying Merry Christmas was frowned upon and made people feel guilty just for saying it. Little by little God is being removed from our society. Bibles are forbidden in our military along with quotes from scripture.

We sat and watched when radical Muslims created havoc around the world and in our own country but we couldn’t even say the name of the enemy. Our enemies became a protected class while Americans were persecuted if we dare say radical Muslims.

When on the phone we have to press 1 for English, it seems like multiculturalism has taken over our country. What happened to the days when people came here and became part of the American culture? Cities across the country are changing the names of holidays to imply a cultural sensitivity, once again what about the American culture, they’re supposed to come here to be Americans. If multiculturalism is allowed to continue we can kiss America goodbye.

We have watched as government grew larger while our individual rights and freedoms shrunk. The government can now force us to buy a product or get fined if we don’t. We watched as the students in colleges started running the campus while the administrators sat back like frightened sheep under their desks. We sat there and were forced to allow men into women’s restrooms.

We watched as educators taught our children that our Founding Fathers were bad people and that America was a bad place. We have people shouting about slavery in America when slavery ended over 150 years ago. The pledge allegiance is optional and patriotism is frowned upon. America has created a generation of creampuff cry babies and many will go through life considering themselves victims.

We watched as an open boarder policy let in millions of illegal immigrants, along with criminals, drug dealers and billions of dollars of illegal drugs. Illegals were given millions of taxpayer dollars while our veterans were dying waiting for medical attention.

I like the fact that Trump wants to make America great again, how he wants to put America and Americans first. I like the fact that he throws political correctness out the window, I like the fact that he wants to build our armed forces and bring America to the top of the heap once again. Most importantly he wants to restore law and order to this country, after all we are supposed to be a nation of laws, but you would never know it.

But it won’t be easy, after eight years of a failed administration it is going to be an up hill climb. I just pray we didn’t wait too long to correct it. At least America missed a bullet, we almost had Hillary.


This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. If this country isn’t too far gone, I will be surprised and so will many I know. So much damage has been done over time, to incl. the Bush admin. with free trade and open borders now for years. I see a slim chance things can turn around. The next generation (gen X) will have far more hurdles as the baby boomers sure did major damage for the globalist agendas.

  2. At the risk of sounding like Pollyanna, of course there is hope for America’s recovery!!! There are those 61 million that agree….why else would they take time to vote? Hurdles are just speed bumps that take longer to get over. Trump is NOT the Messiah ! He can’t save anyone or anything that doesn’t want saved enough to ‘help’ and participate at their level….Remember, it’s “WE the people”, not Trump the people.

    Members of Congress are YOUR EMPLOYEES….we must act like a boss and tell them what is expected from them…over and over…if they can’t perform ? They’re Fired!…..Our control begins at the local & state level so keep your eyes on them as well.

    It took an entire Nation years of ignoring or allowing the actions that put us in this predictiment and there is NO ‘quick fix”….It would take a miracle to correct all of it overnight….and we already had one when Hillary was defeated even after cheating.

    To the many many that feel like Laura Ann does….attitudes are contagious. So many of us sat on the sidelines wringing our hands in despair as Obama’s Administration shredded out Constitution and spat on traditional values…..Where did that get us? Try getting involved with PTA”s or City Councils or even mentoring students, meals on wheels…..You will become part of the help at lifting others up and your own outlook will brighten….It may take some adjusting…but well worth it…I know, I did it.

    One foot in front of the other…..

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