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A Thanksgiving Message from President-Elect Donald J. Trump

President-elect Donald J. Trump asks everyone to join together under the shared resolve to Make America Great Again for all people.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. Perhaps Trump can begin the healing by expressing a heartfelt apology to each demographic group and individual that he so fervently denigrated during his quest for the presidency, and explain to the American people why he felt it necessary to drag the nation through his personal cesspool of pungent politics.

  2. ^This

    And also Trump can admit to the sexual assaults he made including a 13-year-old teen model 20 years ago and get charged.

  3. WARNING: The content of this comment may be offensive to the sniveling. I am one of Hillary’s “Deplorables” and inclined to actually ‘think’ for myself and do research in order to ‘know’ the facts first before parroting the opinion of others. Politically Correct if a fantasy of the narrow minded & uninformed. I am a Conservative registered Republican but was an American before that….

    Politics is a nasty blood sport with cesspools in place of yard lines with swamps between. You play, you get dirty…It’s up to you to wash it off after the game. This is a land of FREEDOMS NOT FREEBIES. This is the time for healing, but we won’t if we keep scraping the scabs off.

    I didn’t think that President-Elect was the best choice, however, most of the party out voted me. And I had spent hours looking for all the dirt on Trump, but admit he has dispelled most of my qualms….and I for one APPRECIATED THE MESSAGE HE SENT TO ALL AMERICANS…..(to include Sue and Labman)

    If actually listened to, there is something for each of us


  4. In all my life I haven’t felt so deeply about a president. I feel him speaking to my heart and not many can do this.I believe Donald Trump is being used of God to help heal our nation so in doing so we as a nation will desire in our hearts to turn back to God.

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