Trump vs.Hillary! The Final Debate!!!

  hillary-and-trump       The third and final Presidential debate has concluded with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton taking questions from Fox News anchor, Chris Wallace.  The candidates butted heads on the Supreme Court, abortion, gun rights, and even Wikileaks and the Clinton Foundation. Topics  also  included the national debt, the economy and the candidate’s fitness to be President.

Trump acted presidential and disciplined and didn’t take her bait this time, but managed to get in the jabs he needed to. I think he won hands down. She was scripted and flustered, even with the notes she was reading that SHE didn’t write! Trump destroyed her with pointing out what the Clintons did to Haiti and the pay to play Clinton Foundation criminal activities. She talked a lot  and really didn’t say anything with any substance just the same dribble she had already said in the other two debates which shows the difference between a politician and a businessman. A politician talks the talk but does not get anything done which Trump so eloquently pointed out about Hillary’s 30 years of service. A businessman gets things done and Trump has proven that in the past. He builds buildings and completes them under schedule and under budget which is a positive to be a leader and president. It was the substance candidate versus the rhetoric candidate.

Trump stayed on message and stuck to issues even as Chris Wallace tried to interrupt him several times. I did think that Chris Wallace was the best moderator of the three debates. Like in the last debate both candidates went over their allotted time limit and at times shouted over each other.

The point most of the talking heads seemed concerned about afterwards was Donald’s position on whether he would support the winner or not. Clinton said she would while Donald said he would have to see at the time and will keep everyone in suspense. Right away that seemed to anger some pundits, but the more I think about it knowing how Donald is in negotiating this may have been a good ploy as to not show defeat or over confidence. It was like his criticism of Hilary and Obama letting ISIS know when they were pulling out. What about  the element of surprise? That’s exactly what  Donald  is doing here.

Hillary brought up the old argument liberals use of taxing the wealthy to get the economy moving while Trump wants tax cuts for everyone. These liberals will never learn that the wealthy have been taxed to the max and we have more people out of jobs and more people looking or handouts than ever before. When you lower taxes on the wealthy they create jobs for people and give   better raises which gets the economy moving not by taxing the rich. Hillary claims she will not tax anyone who makes under $250,000 and will invest that money in new jobs and infrastructure. We’ve heard that all before under Obama and everything is worse. That’s a lie because she’s going to tax everyone.

On immigration Trump stressed the need  for vetting and people coming in legally while Hilary also stressed the idea that she will vet all migrants coming in here which is another lie. The wiki-leaks   e-mails show her saying in her $250,000 speech to Goldman-Sachs that it is impossible to vet all refugees and she wants to bring more in.  When Wallace asked her about wanting a hemispheric government Hilary jumped over that and sounded like a conservative by stating she wanted strong borders which is a total lie because she’s a globalist and wants the whole hemisphere to be one big country. So which Hilary are the voters going to vote for? The public Hillary or the private Hillary?

On the situation with women claiming to have been assaulted by Donald which Chris Wallace brought up Donald said they were all debunked or paid for by the Clinton foundation. Donald said he supports women and gives them jobs and asked Hillary where the six billion dollars from the stare dept. that went missing was. Hillary replied that that was debunked.  Which is another lie because the state  dept is still investigating where it went.

If Hillary envisions herself as a champion of women then why does she pay men in her foundation twice as much as women. Donald pays his women employees more than men. Donald also asked that Hillary give back the money she took from countries that throw gays and lesbians off of rooftops and kill and abuse women and persecutes Christians and Jews. To which Hilary was silent on responding.

Overall it was a fiery debate as usual and while Trump was calm and rational I couldn’t help but notice how shrill she was and could here anger in her voice. I can just imagine what her secret service detail has to put up with. What you saw tonite  was two presidential contenders. One who cares about  America and its’ people and a failed, corrupt secretary of state who only cares about herself.

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Jim Clayton

I am a retired former newspaper reporter and retail sales person. I'm a politically conservative easy going person from New Jersey. I am married to a wonderful wife and like talking and writing about movies,, concerts I attend and current events all which I write about here. I would enjoy hearing from anyone on my articles and they can write to me here.

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