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Human Waste In The Street Is Just “An Honest Mistake”? Go Hillary!

The symbolism is too rich to pass up: During a campaign stop in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a Hillary Clinton campaign bus dumped its toilet storage tank into a storm drain along the road. This is, of course, a crime that anyone else would go to jail for committing, but the Clinton campaign calls it “an honest mistake”. And, as might be expected, the liberal press is quiet on the subject. What a load of crap!

The party of environmentalism and unending regulations, controlling the actions of everyone, everywhere, all the time, dumps human waste in the street and they call it a “mistake”. Anyone familiar with the waste storage tanks on these giant buses knows that this action was intentional.

The symbolism is in the verbal crap that the Clinton campaign is spreading across the United States. It’s appropriate that this dumping came from a Hillary “Stronger Together” bus, because the smell from this event, both the actual stink and the symbolic stench, is overpowering.

Then combine this awful event with the release of James O’Keefe’s “Veritas Project” report in which he exposes the voter fraud and the political violence that the Democrat Party, of which Hillary Clinton is a prominent, controlling member, has committed for years. His report details, in the words of the Democrat operatives, and speaking into a camera, the fraud and violence we’ve seen perpetrated against Donald Trump rallies from Chicago to Costa Mesa, and it’s all organized through local Democrat organizations and local labor unions. This, along with a leftist press enamored with Hillary, is the un-American “rigged system” that Donald Trump has been speaking about and whose comments the liberal press has been criticizing and describing as being a threat to the integrity of our entire system of electing officials and is causing a lack of faith in the whole American voting system. With this revelation, all thinking people can agree that the Democrat Party is a threat to the American people and is preventing them from getting important and accurate information that they need in order to be able to vote in an informed, wise manner in political elections.

As usual, Trump is being proven correct in his estimation of the criminal and anti-American actions of the leftist Democrats who will literally do anything to win and retain power. James O’Keefe’s report is right on target, and the corroborating proof of Democrat lies and violence is readily at hand with the recent fire-bombing of a Trump campaign office, and the bricks thrown thru the windows of another Trump office. Democrats are nothing but violent thugs who want to control information and be able to dictate the terms of your life via orders from big, liberal government.

Elect Trump and make America safe and honest again.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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