Bill Clinton Finally Tells The Truth And Gets A Smack-Down For It

On Monday, October third, in an official speech made for the Hillary campaign and while speaking from a “Stronger Together” lectern, Clinton called Obamacare “the craziest system in the world” with its “premiums doubled” and its “coverage cut in half”. Then on Tuesday, October fourth, he took it all back by stating that “the Affordable Care Act did a world of good”.

That was probably the greatest and quickest flip-flop that our flip-flopping former president ever made and he was forced to pay for it by his fellow liberal/Democrats because it was the truth. What does that tell you about Democrats?

Bill Clinton’s words now eliminate the possibility that the Democrat leadership actually did not know the damage and pain that Obamacare was doing to Americans. Instead of being innocently ignorant, we now know that they just don’t give a damn how much harm the ACA is causing. Bill Clinton summarized the problems with Obamacare in very few and accurate words, but there is no public recognition of a problem beyond his retracted statement, just a pedal-to-the-metal forge ahead toward a single-payer, nationalized health care system.

But was Bill out of the loop and did he think that Hillary and Obama would heed his words and begin making changes to fix the ACA? Did he never speak privately with Hillary and express his concern with Obama’s legacy bill? This incident is very confusing and concerning as regards how the current administration is controlling our lives while lying to us each and every day. It’s now apparent that our Bill is no longer very powerful in the Democrat Party, but one wonders where his smack-down came from.

One of Hillary’s current political TV ads states that she has always told the American people the truth. “Always”! But Bill’s truthful statement and his rapid turn-around are proof that the lies continue to come from the top of the Democrat party and from Hillary herself: It’s what they do.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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