John Kasich proves he’s anti-American worker by working with Obama on TPP trade deal

Kasich wants amnestyNOW .. we understand why Kasich has held off from supporting the Republican nominee for president – he’s siding with Obama on a trade deal that will send even more American jobs overseas.

TPP is an awful trade pact negotiated with the idea that America should be weaker by a President that has spent years travelling the globe apologizing for America’s awesomeness. It may be time to apologize to the world for the U.S.A. having ever voted for him.

Most Ohioans are politically-aware by the nature of the fact that they live in a crucial swing state. That’s why Ohio has been steadily swaying towards a likely-GOP classification in most polls. The only reason Ohio has been held back from electing a pro-manufacturing, pro-jobs, pro-middle-class President is their governor – failed Presidential candidate John Kasich.

Poll after poll shows that Trump is  leading Clinton in Ohio and that Obama’s trade policies are unpopular, ineffective and possibly destructive to the American economy – so what does Kasich have to gain?

Gov. Kasich is likely looking for a position in the Clinton administration. He ran as an almost-Democrat and now needs help because he will likely not run for governor in 2000.

In order for the DNC to help poor Johnny, they need some payback… like Kasich supporting Obama’s awful trade deal even though neither Hillary nor Trump can find anything good to say about it.

Kasich isn’t just establishment, he’s whichever establishment. Democrat, Republican, whichever… Gov. Kasich is just just more of the same ole same ole.

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Rich Mitchell

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  1. I’m against TPP too but Kasich, who I disagree with on a lot of things, is anti-American worker. The hyperbole is getting old and not productive at all unless you are trying to get Trump supporters chanting “USA, USA!” Bloody flag-wavers! When you have no ideas and no facts to back up what you say then the only thing left is to name call.

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