Leftists Lack Ability to Introspect

Assuming that liberals are serious and honest in their suspicion that Capitalism is rampant with corruption and greed, that corporations abuse employees and customers and only exist to wipe out their competition and become obscenely wealthy and dictatorial in their areas of expertise, why are people like Obama and Hillary unable to see that the things they accuse capitalists of are existent and in full flower in their governmental administrations and their areas of control.

Examples of some areas of a concentration of power that will allow no outside input and permits no deviation from Barack Obama’s intended direction are the unpayable national debt he has incurred; his unconstitutional Obamacare; the Iran nuke deal; his belief in the lie of global warming; Fast and Furious; job-killing EPA regulations; IRS abuses directed at conservatives; our open southern border and the Syrian influx, in whose number, we have been assured, will be some ISIS terrorists.

Some dictatorial things we know about Hillary (and she probably agrees with most if not all of Obama’s items listed above) are her influence peddling as Secretary of State; her vast, unexplained wealth, which borders on just plain greed; national security violations related to her email server, and lying under oath to Congress and, thereby, to all American citizens.

The reason I don’t think liberals, Obama and Hillary included, really believe in the corruption they pretend capitalism presents is that they have no problem accepting large salaries in their jobs, and Obama and Hillary were both made wealthy by book deals offered to them. If they really believed that the book contracts were contributing to a general corruption of society via the capitalism it represents, they should have turned the offers down and publicly proclaimed their steadfastness and cleanliness in this issue.

But they did accept the book deals and they willingly took the money, so they are either insincere in their expressed hatred of capitalism, or more likely, they are just as money-grubbing as anyone else and want to gather all the wealth they can, which undermines their stated holier-than-thou positioning and makes them liars and hypocrites.

Capitalism, with a lite level of government oversight, depends on competition that assures better products and services to be offered to their customers and allows the best companies to prosper in a competitive environment, which further allows, even depends on, prosperity spreading throughout the nation to all levels of society, top to bottom.

Government, on the other hand, makes no products and offers no services, so they lack the competition that assures the success of capitalism, and in fact the design of government makes competition impossible, but does depend on a willing regard for the constitution and its competing branches of government and a balance of powers to keep it honest, which philosophy Obama and Hillary think is for chumps.

A nation need not fear capitalism, it only needs to fear out-of-control government, because as some wise person once said, “If a government can give you anything you want, it can also take everything you have”. If Obama is looking for an entity that abuses citizens and makes them into a nearly-enslaved underclass, he needs look at his own administration, which he, as a close-minded, intolerant liberal, has no ability to do, so his dictatorial regime just keeps on moving forward and taking our nation downward.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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