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DOJ Denied FBI request to open corruption case against Clinton Foundation

FBI field offices reportedly requested to investigate unethical and possibly illegal contact between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

The investigation is reported to have centered on possibly criminal money exchanges, reported by financial institutions, between the Clinton Foundation and foreigners.

While multiple FBI field offices found reason to open a corruption investigation, top DOJ leaders denied the request. Just act surprised .. or something.

If only Donald would crystalize his message on events such as these, we wouldn’t be all caught up in the who sat in whose audience distraction.

If that wasn’t enough, apparently Clinton’s pledge to separate herself from her foundation while acting as Secretary did not extend to her subordinates at State – cuz that makes sense…

The truth of the matter is that the system is rigged. Because the executive branch is in-charge of enforcement, the President can direct the department of justice to pursue a case or not. He can use prosecutorial discretion to decide to prosecute someone engaged in illegal activity or not. Without a congress willing to impeach such actions, we will continue on the road to serfdom. But hey, I hear Venezuela’s nice right about now.

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