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Shepherd Smith What an A-Hole

Like most people on Sunday I was watching the terrible news about the 3 police officers killed in Baton Rouge. I was watching Fox news as I usually do, but what I heard out of Shepherd Smith mouth made my jaw drop.

He was interviewing former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal when the former Gov. said that all lives matter, Smith actually was offended saying ” Come on! the phrase is “derogatory.” Smith was truly annoyed at the Gov. Hey Shep, why don’t you get a job at MSNBC, you are a big A-Hole.


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  1. Why does anyone listen to or watch Fox News? It is yet another tool of the NWO crowd and you will see – it will be in your face as even this example shows – they will turn on us and take the “other” side. Shepard is doing what the formula prescribes; stand with the opposition of the Global Feudal Estate, their lies and deceit, up to the point where it is either advantageous or unavoidable for them to continue and then switch to oppose us in the name of Common Sense! Shepard’s claim the Governors words were in some way divisive could not be more political-correct-motivated having no logic to it at all.

    We already see this with the Never Trump crowd who are willing to vote for a Criminal-Bitch instead of a rugged individual outsider!

    WE have abandoned the liars at the other networks – what do they have left to shape the way we think. The true nature of fox news is going to became more obvious by the day as this issue as well as all the issues move forward!

    ALL mainstream Media is controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations. NONE of it is truly on our side! None of it! Demanding Shepard be fired? Take action yourself and FIRE FOX News! Firing Smith won’t affect the agenda whatsoever…

  2. Shep has always considered himself an editorialist and psuedo authority on about everything. I’ve sworn for years that he has a ‘special’ relationship with some higher up at FOX…In other words, Chris, I agree with you.

  3. I thought the same thing when I heard Shep say that. I think he is a descendant of Shemp one of the 3 stooges. He is a disingenuous empty suit, talking head. Always trying to get attention at all times. An ego run amok. He doesn’t even know how stupid he sounds. Fox lost me too. I can only stomach Hannity.

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