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Obama’s Idiotic Logic Bites Him In The Butt

Recall if you will for a moment, President Obama repeatedly lecturing Americans that calling ISIS terrorists “Radical Islamic Terrorists” would offend Muslims and would cause them to become recruits to the murderous ISIS forces, while at the same time we heard our president repeatedly brag about his personal bravery and leadership in giving the order to kill Osama Bin Laden. I also recall the fool Joe Biden making the braggadocios statement that under the leadership of Barack Obama, Bin Laden was dead and General Motors was still alive. So what would make border-line terrorists angrier: calling terrorists what they are (terrorists), or assassinating their leader?

It always confused me when Obama claimed that words encouraged radicals to kill, but killing Osama Bin Laden had no impact on them at all. So now we get the report from England’s Daily Mail that Bin Laden’s son wants revenge, not for words spoken about terrorists that he finds offensive, but for Barack Obama’s order to assassinate his father, and he wants more attacks on America as a result.

There is none so stupid, nor so dangerous to this nation, as a leftist, America-hating president and his big mouth. Obama had an opportunity long ago to fulfill his red-line promise in Syria and halt the spread of ISIS, and he turned tail and ran from his responsibility. Obama is a liar and a coward who punishes and repeatedly criticizes his own nation for living freely and comfortably, but refuses to punish bands of stone-age terrorists who are killing and raping their way around the world.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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