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Why Trump Wins and Continues to Win!! Voter Rebellion!!!


While people are surprised at Donald Trump’s win and to be the presumptive candidate they wonder how it all happened. Well I’ll tell you how. The whole country is angry at both parties. The democrats are leading us down the road to hell and are practically all soft communists and the republicans have betrayed us with campaigning  to repeal Obamacare and defund executive amnesty and then funding both when they got in. The people see them as a bunch of feckless, cowardly wimps giving into Obama’s every whim. People see 20% of American families have no family member employed, 93 million people out of the work force, 43 million people in poverty, 40 million people on food stamps and a national debt of $20 trillion and both parties are complicit.  People said enough is enough already!!!  Along comes Donald Trump. A billionaire outsider  who doesn’t need the job but cares about the country and where it’s going and wants to do something about it. He cares about our vets and cares about and loves the country. He’s very philanthropic with his fortune and has helped a lot of less fortunate people out.

If anyone has seen his rallies you will see he has 20-30 thousand people attend and more who couldn’t get in. He emits a very positive attitude he instills in everyone. In his rallies he talks about how our country never wins anymore and cites all the places we are losing. He talks about how other countries all take advantage of us and we are the laughing stock of the world. He talks about how companies like Ford, Nabisco, Carrier and others are leaving us in droves for Mexico. He then offers positive solutions to bring the country back to greatness again.

Yes people are angry and want an outsider who knows how to get things done. Trump is the most successful businessman in the world today. He knows how to deal with people and hires thousands of people so he knows how to bring jobs back. Politicians talk the talk while businessmen get things done.

I think Trump is the right man for this time warts and all. Now these establishment folks like Bill Kristol are talking about running third party candidates when they were the ones who criticized Trump for wanting to run third party in the first place. It shows they are scared. It also shows they along with all these people with their palms stretched out fear their gravy train is running out. 17 candidates stood for election, and now, one remains. Kristol just doesn’t like the result. Boo hoo. He is for two establishment politicians. He has not realized yet that the people choose who they want to be governed by. On the other hand, several establishment members have said it is they who choose who they want to run not the people. It’s going to be an interesting summer. Never Trump’ ringleader plots 3rd-party challenge

Richard Viguerie has been a prominent figure in the conservative movement for almost 60 years. He is chairman of ConservativeHQ.com and the author most recently of “Takeover: The 100-year Fight for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Win It.”

Viguerie was an active Ted Cruz supporter, but said Trump won the Republican field by acknowledging and responding to the deep frustration Americans have toward Washington.

“How he did it was to ride the anger that a high percent of Americans feel toward the political establishment, Republicans and Democrats,” Viguerie told WND and Radio America.

“There is white-hot anger among conservatives at the grassroots level toward Republican leaders who have lied to them and betrayed them for too many years,” Viguerie said. “This campaign was an opportunity to send them a message.”

I agree with the following comment I recently saw:

Trump didn’t have to run. He chose to. It is estimated in the first week after he announced he lost around $100 million in commercial endorsements and business opportunities. He knew that going in. Yet he spent far less, and most of it his own money competing. He also bested 15 established politicians (governors and Senators), a renowned popular neurosurgeon, and a former fortune 100 CEO. I’d say he has done quite well.

And let’s not forget, the GOP DEMANDED he pledge to support whoever the nominee was. Maybe they should honor their own demands???

As Newt Gingrich recently said on Sean Hannity’s show, “First of all, Donald Trump may turn out to be the most effective anti-left leader in our lifetime. He is against political correctness. He is against bureaucracy. He places American nationalism first which I think we desperately need. I’m tired of being told we have to phony agreements and phony efforts and I watch John Kerry rush from five-star hotel to five-star hotel trying to get a phony peace agreement that is an absurdity… I think Trump could be a return to a more of an Eisenhower kind of realism that none-the-less is conservatism. And he may do more to dismantle the left than anybody in our lifetime… The other side is, if you’re not for Donald Trump, you’re effectively for Hillary Clinton.

Sean Hannity laid out what he says are conservative solutions for success similar to Newt Gingrich’s  Contract With  America that time. It would be wise if Donald followed them. They are:

*The Penny Plan-Take a penny out of every dollar spent to lower the debt and balance the budget.

*Have a balanced Budget Amendment

*A limit on tax collection

*Energy independence-We rely on countries that hate us for our resources when we have it all right under us.

*Individual Healthcare accounts

*Term limits

*School choice

*Border security

I just hope Mr. Trump makes the right decisions and wins by a huge landslide. It would be a fitting point of closure to the disastrous last 7-8 years.





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