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Praising Stay At Home Moms


The other day I was eating at Burger King having one of my favorite meals, a double beef Whopper with cheese and a side of onion rings. I was sitting enjoying my Whopper when two women came in and sat behind me. They obviously worked together and were talking about the ups and downs of the job. One of them mentioned a mutual friend, the other woman said, “She doesn’t work, she is only a stay at home mom.”

Mmm, I said to myself, only a stay at home mom? I started thinking, why would a stay at home mom be frowned upon? Maybe one of the reasons our society is in decline is because women don’t take care of their kids anymore, they drop them off at daycare and have strangers watch them.

I guess I am just an old fashioned guy, but I think one of the most important jobs a woman can have is bringing up a child, teaching them right from wrong and molding them to be good citizens. Mothers and fathers are so important in the development of a child, they each contribute to the well being of that child, each one has a different role and each one is important.

I watch these so called professional career women on TV and they work hard putting in their 10 hour days, but what about their children? I’m not saying that their children are not well taken care of, but would a child be happier spending time with their mom or some stranger? I think mom.

We live in hard times and two working parents are a necessity in many families and providing is a parent’s responsibility. But also in today’s society we have an explosion of unwed mothers and single parent homes and that is a tragedy, it is truly a black mark on our society. My mother is long gone, but I will always remember coming home from school on a snowy day and my mother being there with a pot of hot soup.

So at this time I would like to wish all the stay at home mom’s a Happy Mothers Day, you deserve a lot more than you get credit for. If I ever hear someone say she’s only a stay at home mom again, I’ll let them have an ear full, because they obviously do not understand the important role they play in our society, God bless them all.

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This is one man’s opinion.


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  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU…….Had I been able to ‘stay at home’ I would’ve considered my self blessed. There is no ‘just a’ due any Mom that is fortunate enough to watch and guide their children daily. I wonder if these ‘career’ women realize what they’re missing…..first words, first day of school,scraped knees and on and on…..I once heard the stay at home moms called “Supervising Domestic Engineers” without the degree….These lucky kiddos also get real home cooked meals too!!!!

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