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Like Country Music? Here’s a breakout artist that just might remind you why you do

I like songs I can visualize – music that doesn’t need a video to tell the story and William Michael Morgan delivers.

He’s young and doing has just started being pushed by Warner Brothers music with his new album “EP”.

A top producer in country music, Warner’s Scott Hendricks says that Morgan “is seriously one of the very best singers I have ever recorded and I have recorded a bunch.”

As a country music consumer, I agree.

William is young, but his songwriting and storytelling is something that many veteran artists fail to rival. When Morgan sings, the story appears.

While the story is central, it isn’t the only thing. A good C&W singer has to have the look and the chops. Morgan pulls both off in spades.

Enough with the hero-worship and on to the music. Here’s his newest single that is going ballistic on youtube and will likely be taking over the “every 20 minutes” spot on your local country station. I present – William Michael Morgan and “I Met a Girl”

While “I Met a Girl” has a video and is a tad cute, it’s still country at it’s essence. But the “EP” release has several deeper and more emotional stories being told in Morgan’s epic voice.

No country legend can be born without a swooning love ballad and William delivers. “Vinyl” is the soft-whispers, “I love you” song every artist wishes they could have written.

“Back Street Driver” is one of my favorites because it’s simple. The music is solid, but the magic comes from the the story about a boy experiencing his dad letting him become a man. The story isn’t just a dad talking to son thing, everything relates to the truck a father gives a son before letting him go. As a dad, I got it – teary-eyed, but I got it.

A little Garth a little George, this young singer has a ton of time to sharpen his craft and with Warner Brothers backing him, he has the money. Speaking of Garth … here’s a bad lover gone story – “Cheap Cologne.”

Every good country star has to have that workin’ man’s anthem. There was “Take this Job and Shove It”, “Shiftwork”, “Workin’ Man Blues” and Aaron Tippin’s “Workin’ Man’s Ph.D.” Morgan adds his entry with “Beer Drinker.” Give it a listen, you’ll get it fairly soon in.

If you wait for the radio to tell you when songs are good, you’ll miss out on finding Chris Stapletons and William Morgans until they show up at the Grammy’s. Listen to these few songs and buy the whole darn thing HERE and support one of the greatest country singer/songwriters to come along in a generation – pssst .. it’s only $5.99!!!! Buy it, buy it and if nothing else… BUY IT!

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