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Ted Cruz has ‘short list’ of V.P. possibles – one name confirmed

Senator Ted Cruz is planning the final leg of his open convention strategy and it centers on who his running mate might be.

Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign has a short list of potential vice presidential picks that includes former rival Carly Fiorina, campaign aides announced Monday.

A Fiorina top aide confirmed that she is on the list of Vice-Presidential possibles for Cruz.

As a possible jab at the current front-runner, Cruz followed up the announcement by saying that “any responsible candidate, just a couple of months out from the convention, would begin that process.”

Donald Trump has failed to grab as many delegates as he might otherwise have and prevent the convention from going to second or third ballots due to a lack of organization and understanding of the process.

John Kasich has announced that they have begun V.P. candidate selection but it would remain a non-public process for the near-term.

Trump has not announced a VP candidate search as of today.

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  1. Not a bad name to consider……Re Trump, believe that Palin, Carson, Christy ‘think or thought they were on his short list….

    1. Judging by Tuesday’s returns, Cruz and Kasich’s idiotic decision to sorta-kinda, but not really collude, the exit polls and demo breakdowns (and Cruz’s odd decision to measure a basketball goal) I’m not sure his pick for VP matters.

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