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Bruce Springsteen-What An A-Hole

Let me say I have never been a fan of Bruce The a-hole Springsteen, I could not even name one of his songs if you asked me to. But even if I were a fan, I would not be one any longer.

Recently North Carolina passed a law that says if you are a man you must use the men’s bathroom, if you are a woman, you must use the woman’s bathroom. Now if you find a problem with that, you need mental help just as much as a man who thinks he is a woman, or a woman who thinks he is a man.

“To my mind, it’s an attempt by people who cannot stand the progress our country has made in recognizing the human rights of all of our citizens to overturn that progress,” Springsteen said in a statement.

Progress he says? This man is just as delusional as the white woman who says she is a black woman. Where have we come to in this country where truth takes a backseat to fantasy? You are born only one way and that’s what you remain until the day you die, no matter what you “Identify” yourself as.

“Taking all of this into account, I feel that this is a time for me and the band to show solidarity for those freedom fighters. As a result, and with deepest apologies to our dedicated fans in Greensboro, we have canceled our show scheduled for Sunday, April 10th,” Springsteen said. I’m assuming that he must have some kind of contract for that show. He is probably in breech of that contract; I hope a bunch of his fans get together and sue the pants off this clown.

This asshole forgets that freedom is a two way street, what about the freedom of that mother and 10 year old daughter using the bathroom, they don’t want to see some 40 year old pervert in there with them. When little girls and women start getting molested, is he going to speak out on their behalf, or is he just going to turn a blind eye like the rest of these loony Liberals will. I know, he probably thinks it will be worth it, as long as he gives those perverts their freedom.

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t he tour predominantly Muslim destinations in 2010, including Damascus, Doha, Dubai, and Beirut. I’m pretty sure those places don’t have transgender bathrooms either, as a matter of fact, I’m sure in some place they kill homosexuals. But he didn’t cancel those concerts.

I am willing to bet that Bruce never read the North Carolina Bill that he is so concerned about. If any man who claims to be a woman can use women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, then how do we keep the sexual predators out, do we put a guard in every public toilet?

I am afraid that Springsteen is just another brainless Liberal who has lost all common sense and doesn’t think about the big picture. I don’t know if he is married and has children; but if he does and he still thinks it’s OK for them to use the same toilet as a man in drag, then I think he is in need of a little mental adjustment himself. What the hell is he the Boss of anyway?

I’m gonna go put on some Frank Sinatra records; I’m pretty sure he was a man.

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This is one man’s opinion.

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  1. It seems that the ‘famous’ flit between the asinine and insanity behavior and total delusional…..I also notice that ‘knowledge’ isn’t at all necessary…Curious that so many are in career decline. (ie: Dancing with the stars, Bono, Clooney etc)

    As for you, my dear treasured friend….come out of your shell and let us know what you really think….I’m, worried because things like this sure nudge close to my own thoughts

  2. Chris my friend,

    Martin Luther King boldly stated he had a dream, a dream that one day a person would be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Yet today it is hard to imagine anyone’s content because when they talk one begs to wonder just who are these characters and to what cross roads have they delivered us to that can be deemed as normal? Is today a new normal? If we are not careful you can become prone to everything in life now seen through their eyes as fragile and covered in guilt. As Americans we are assaulted with it every day, and it comes at us from every nook and cranny, every hour of the day. Bruce Springsteen is a part of the Arts culture who have exposure to blind ears. They lack the ability to think or reason. Like those who see only what they want, they hear only what they want. Their voice does not speak for the majority. It is a sad truth to see such a great society destroyed from within by the cancer of so few maligned and contentious characters.

    “There are no great limits to growth because there are no limits of human intelligence, imagination, and wonder.”

    ― Ronald Reagan

    I don’t imagine that Mr. Reagan would understand the America of this day and age, or of the cultivation of agendas that are twisted and convoluted in their purposes. If we are looking for imagination and wonder today, we need to visit Disney world.

    It wasn’t that long ago when we would go to bed, tired but happy. That on our new morning when we would first open our eyes from a good night sleep, we would wonder what the day had instore for us that would be new and exciting. In that day we had hope, dreams and a real chance to become what we could envision in our own promise to become all we could be. In our America we winced at the athlete who tried and tumbled in the agony of their defeat. Then we applauded them as they tried again, then we would revel with them in their thrill of victory knowing that victory can be ours too if we simply try. Back then our leaders instilled in us as Americans a pride that was real and a promise that was ours to achieve.

    Today that dream is surreal, a ghost of our past. Now If you express a longing for the joy of those days when your hope was real you are impugned in guilt. Ever so slowly it leaves us, a hope that was not coveted but shared to all who sought it, and honest in who we are as a nation and as a people. Today in our wide world of sorts it is best for us to revel in the thrill of defeat and be punished the agony of victory. We are better off knowing that the truth is false and what is false is the truth. We understand in this world that there is nothing supreme in our justice, or in our moral compass where West can be East only because it is right for some even when it is wrong. This is the world according to Bruce Sprinsteen.

    What do our leaders say today?

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    Just not today!

  3. Great article Chris.You stole my thunder on the transgender issue. If some pervert follows an attractive woman into ladies room and assaults her or rapes her he will use the transgender issue as an excuse for why he was in there.The same goes for a pedophile. Springsteen is married and his wife Patti plays in his band. I think they have one daughter. Don’t know if he has anymore.,He recently brought his 80-something mother on stage with him.These actors and performers are great at what they do but aside frorn that they are so naive about life and political morons.

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